Fangirl Focus

Can I be that bunny?

Name: Im Joo Hwan (임주환)
Birthdate: May 18, 1982 (not too young or old… just perfect)
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Star sign: Taurus
Talent agency: The Men Management
Upcoming project: What’s Up
Swoon factor (as Park Kyu from Tamra the Island): off the charts

Photo courtesy of CeCi Magazine
Info courtesy of DramaWiki


2 thoughts on “Fangirl Focus

  1. oofffh. cute. i meant the boy AND the bunny. dunno what’s softer, the rabbit fur or im joo-hwan’s cheek. and that bunny ain’t no animatronic mini-me plushie with gatsby in its hair, i’ll say. LOL =P

    “(not too young or old… just perfect)” — bwahahahaha!!!! I LOVE THIS 😀

    • When I saw that pic, I knew I had to post it because omg, super CUTE!

      And you brought up a good point there… *thinks about what’s softer*

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