Son Ye Jin Fanmeeting 2011

My no. 1 favorite actress Son Ye Jin held a fanmeeting/birthday party with fans earlier this year and after watching a recording of the event, I just love this girl even more. Apparently, Son Ye Jin holds this event at the beginning of every year to celebrate her birthday with fans. She recently turned 30 this year, according to the Korean calculation. Her birthdate is on January 11, 1982.

I’ve been a fan of hers ever since I saw her excellent performance in Alone in Love and would always anticipate her new work with excitement. But would you believe it? I haven’t seen any in-depth interview with her so I only know her onscreen persona through watching her dramas but wasn’t familiar with what she’s like off screen. And what a joy it is to see that she’s such a lovely and delightful person. Now, obviously I don’t know her in real life so I’m open to the possibility that it might all be an act but the feeling that I get from watching the fanmeeting is that she seems to genuinely appreciate her fans’ support. And she’s utterly adorable and articulate! Seeing her looking so happy made me smile too.

Things that came to mind as I watched the video:

– I love the way her hair is styled. Simple elegance.

– Also love it whenever she takes off those ugly brown gloves. Not a fan of leather gloves, especially ones with fuzzies around the wrist area.

– I don’t exactly know why, but when I heard Lee Min Ho addresses SYJ as “Ye Jin noona”, I squeed. It’s just too cute.

– Also, I didn’t know that Moon Chae Won and Son Ye Jin are close friends and that both MCW and Lee Min Jung see SYJ as their role model. That’s cool. SYJ is an awesome choice for up-and-coming actresses.

– Out of all the gifts that were giving to fans, I was drooling over the DVDs package with her autograph on it. (I’m assuming that the DVDs are all of SYJ’s movies and dramas.) Oh yeah, a polaroid picture with SYJ would be awesome as well. But I’d probably pass on the let’s-have-SYJ-tie-my-scarf-for-me thing because with my social ineptness, it’d be too awkward.

– One minor grumble that I have about the fanmeeting, though, is how the MC of the event keeps plugging in Secret Garden references. I know that SYJ did a cameo for the show just recently, but still. It’s mildly annoying. Good on Moon Chae Won for choosing to sing Sweet Sorrow’s “I Am Still”, the love theme from Alone in Love instead of going with the MC’s song suggestion.

If you’re interested, you can watch it here.
(Special thanks to for uploading the video and providing English subtitles.)


6 thoughts on “Son Ye Jin Fanmeeting 2011

  1. yeah, the secret garden thinggy was a bit annoying..maybe he’s a fan of the series.

    SYJ is the best that’s all i know..i’ve seen all of her projects and interviews and etc and she’s a real nice person..

    • Thanks for the confirmation. This is the first in-depth interview I’ve seen of SYJ, and she comes across as very down-to-earth and humble.

  2. the feeling that I get from watching the fanmeeting event is that she seems to genuinely appreciate her fans’ support.
    ^^I’ve always gotten that feeling, too- she doesn’t come off as the type who takes her success and achievements for granted. She really does seem like a sweet person. Quiet, not a party-goer, stays outta the limelight as much possible, and always polite. And of course, gorgeous. I love how she always wears minimal make-up (if any at all) to her fan-meets and wears her hair so casually 🙂

    Btw, now that you’ve mentioned it, doozy, I’ve always wondered this about the great actors and actresses- how can you tell what they are saying in interviews and such is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?? ? -_-;

    But I’d probably pass on the lets-have-SYJ-tie-my-scarf-for-me thing because with my social ineptness, it’d be too awkward.
    ^^lol, I have to say, the girl ties a scarf v. well! I’m feeling ya though on the social awkwardness thing, esp on the big stage, that kinda thing would send my knees to smitherines and my face would go off! I mean, I would crumble before hyperventilating and just ruin the day for everyone! Even if it were the man-boy of my dreams, I would still pass. It would just be too awkward *hides on self-dug hole*

    I had no idea SYJ & MCW were buddies either! I can’t even think of a series or movie they were in together. I’ve never thought of Ye Jin to be the type to have too many close friends within the entertainment business only but this it’s definitely nice to know that younger actresses do look up to her (not that she’s exactly “old” herself >_>;)

    P.S. Thanks for linking the vid! Ans as much as I’m not Lee Min Ho’s biggest fan, the “noona” utter is a squee-worthy thing indeed.

    • how can you tell what they are saying in interviews and such is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth??
      Who really knows, right? I tend to give them the benefit of doubt and when it’s proven otherwise, I’ll… go cry into a wall or something… well not really, maybe?

      Even if it were the man-boy of my dreams, I would still pass.
      I think I’d pass too coz I’d be too shy, no matter how tempting the offer is, especially if it involves meet Bi or the guy in my avatar.

      Not Lee Min Ho’s fan? Is it because of that dreaded BOF? But he’s so cute! Yes, I am shallow, but to be somewhat objective, he didn’t exactly win me over until I saw him in a small role in I Am Sam and co-starring with Ye Jin in Personal Taste.

      • Me, NOT a Goo Joon Pyo fan? No way *crunches GJP’s nasty perm* lol

        Let’s just say I was definitely Team Ji Hoo all the way xDDDDDD

        I dunno, I think I had this discussion with zooey one time and for some reason, we both agree, we’ve both just never personally found the fascination with him. I mean, I can see that he is cute but.. different strokes for different folks, I guess 😉

        Btw, was Personal Taste good? Would you recommend it for someone who is a SYJ lover who at the same time isn’t too big of a LMH fan (i.e. me, lol)?

      • Nooo, don’t munch on GJP’s perm… he’s not worth it. Spit it out! lulz

        I think my affection for LMH is the shallowest of the shallow. I like him mainly because he’s cute. Acting-wise, he’s not bad for a newbie but still got plenty of room for improvement. BOF-wise, though, I felt that he gave the best performance out of the young cast.

        Re: Personal Taste
        The thing with Personal Taste is, a big part in whether you’d like it or not rests largely on how you’d feel about the premise… girl thinks guy’s gay due to a series of misunderstanding, guy becomes girl’s roommate, romance hilarity ensues. To be objective, there are quite a number of people who got offended with the plot development and thought that Personal Taste was one of the worst dramas of 2010.

        Personally, while I agree that it’s not the best show ever made, overall, I’d say it was mediocre, I was really into it while it was airing so much so that I followed it live, watch the newest episodes without subs, then read Dramabeans’ recaps, and then watch those episodes again. And only once in a blue moon do I get that crazy over a drama. I like the show because three reasons: 1) The mistaken/pseudo gay storyline didn’t bother me as much as it did other people, 2) SYJ and LMH had really adorable chemistry together. I mean, if they do nothing but water the grass and be all lovey-dovey for an entire episode, I’d still be satisfied, 3) SYJ’s character was frustrating to watch, at times, but she’s very endearing. And also because I love SYJ. So lots of bias here.

        So I guess I’d recommend it with some (lots) of reservations. True to its name, your enjoyment of this drama really depends on your own personal taste. Er, hopefully I didn’t give a non-answer to your question and helped somewhat in your decision-making on whether to see this drama or skip it. If you do decide to give it a try, I’d love to hear what you think about it.

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