Buki + Speedo

Where do I sign up? Where?! ahahahaahah

*gets drool bucket ready*

Ever since I posted that droolicious picture of Tsumabuki Satoshi about a month ago, I’ve been missing him and wanting to watch him either in a Jmovie or Jdorama. The thing is, Buki’s filmography and dramography are miles long so I didn’t know where to start. And why I didn’t think to check out his classic movie, Waterboys, until now is beyond me. But! Like they say, better late than never.

Bonus: In addition to Buki, we also get Hiroshi Tamaki (also affectionately known as Chiaki senpai) parading around in a swim trunk. *cuteness overload*

I’m watching the movie right now and am posting this while the video loads. I’m about 20 minutes into the movie and have been laughing non-stop. The hilarity, it is endless. *big grin*

P.S. Special thanks to jicks for coining the “Buki” nickname for Tsumabuki Satoshi. It’s so fitting and cute. A kawaii endearment for a totally kawaii actor!


10 thoughts on “Buki + Speedo

  1. Oh this brings back memories. LOL x)

    This has to be the first Satoshi Tsumabuki flick I ever saw and even though the humor wasn’t exactly sophisticated, you can’t help but laugh along since the guys in it were dead serious about becoming synchronized swimmers. Everyone was so darned skinny, even the dance routines were funny. But I distinctly remember seeing Satoshi in it thinking, “now there’s one good looking kid” + he was so likable in it. Have you seen Dororo? If you don’t mind watching adventure/fantasy flicks with a distinct anime-ish style then I suggest you check it out as well. He looked exceptionally good (for a guy who’s missing 49 body parts) in it. 🙂

    • You’re right about the jokes not being that clever but some of them were so random and the boys’ seriousness and sincerity (even when they’re wearing nuthing but a little speedo) about wanting to give a good performance really up the hilarity factor. Waterboys is my new feel-good movie, fo sho!

      I have not seen Dororo but I do like the genre, so thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Woohoo! *cheers doozy on to the finish line* Glad you gave this movie a shot! The boys were so cute to watch through their heartbreaks and dance routines! xP (and Takenaka Naoto was a blast as the trainer!) It’s easy to see why this film is considered a classic: Coming-of-age! + Underdogs! + Bromance! + Skimpy trunks! (okay maybe the last one was just the icing on the cake, heh)

    @ zooey – Oooh I’ve wanted to check out Dororo for the longest time. I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be another Shinobi, HAH HAH HAH (I laugh at you, Odagiri Joe and Yankumi as star-crossed lovers in Shinobi! I laugh at you!!!)

    • I actually need to thank YOU for leading me to check out this movie! I was lurking over at ye blog, reading the comments and came across your recommendation for Waterboys to a new Buki fan and thought that it was high time for me to watch it, if I still want to claim that I’m a fan of Buki.

      I’m very glad that I gave this movie a shot too! It’s super fun and adorable!

  3. Good to know your boy served you well in this movie, doozy ^_^;!! tehe.

    Re Dororo, I’m gonna be a biiatch & say that I didn’t like it so much. Actually, I kinda dug it on my first viewing (Eita kun! Eita kun! *gags on fangurlism*) but I recently hit it again & my liking for it did drop a little. I think it may be just me not being interested in the genre & also the questionable CGI. Alas, I would recommend at least one viewing based on the cast alone & it will get you laughing (albeit it may possibly be unintentional laughter :D)

    P.S. While I would love to take full credit for the darling lil term Buki, I have to say that it didn’t come from moi! I saw it on another blog & thought it was cute (which blog though I can not remember *fails*)

    • Eita’s in Dororo too? Cool! I used to not care much for him *dodges glare from jicks* but after SnN, I’ve come to like him a lot more.
      Thanks for the heads up on the CGI quality and possible unintentional laughter! Hopefully those won’t be related to Buki.

      • ^I marathoned the dorama version of Water Boys yesterday, certainly need to get onto the film too if it’s anything like the series, freaking loved it. How difficult was it to not look at the only clothed area of these Water Boys, lol *cleanses eyes*

      • Watch the film! It’s a promised rollicking good time!

        Waterboys, jdorama version?! Meaning there’s more WB goodness to be seen?


        Ah, the jdorama doesn’t have Buki in it… But at least it has Yamada, Eita, and Tamaki AND jicks’s stamp of approval. Okay, I shall add it to my to-watch list.

    • Well, have to agree with jicks that Dororo is worth watching once for the cast alone. Yeah, the effects are a bit old school—rubber suits and stop animation stuff—but I kind of like the campiness to it but that may be due to watching tokusatsus (Sailormoon, Kamen Rider, etc. ^^’). I have a soft spot for films like these, it’s dressed up like a kiddie show but if you factor in the story and the amount of violence in it, well, it’s a Grimm’s fairytale, isn’t it? Must confess that I’m still waiting for the second installment huhuhu.

      @ E.G. – I don’t know if you’ll like Dororo any better but I can at least assure you that it doesn’t have the same epic melodrama feel of Shinobi. The movie came out with mixed reviews so it would really depend on how gung-ho you are to delve into this category of Japanese films.

      @ jicks

      How difficult was it to not look at the only clothed area of these Water Boys, lol *cleanses eyes*

      Actually me too (hangs head in shame*). Had a blast watching it (the series) though. LOL @_@

      • @doozy, yeppies *nods head* I’ll definitely got onto the film! Then I can come back & read your 10 ROFLtastic moments post ;)) And just so you have a heads-up, Tamaki is only in the dorama version for, I dunno, 10mintues all up, if that.

        @zooey, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one… and shall we all just keep our thoughts to ourselves^^ *single eyebrow twitch*

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