Why Bother Walking When You Can Gallop

Miranda (Season 1, episode 3)

You guys, I’ve been missing out on some awesome television gold. That is, until I stumbled upon darkeyedwolf’s LJ yesterday and he/she was recommending Miranda, the BBC sitcom which began airing in 2009. (Thanks a bunch for plugging Miranda!) On a whim, I decided to check it out because 1) the episodes are all on YouTube, 2) situation comedy is one of my favorite genres, and 3) I like British humor. Now, I guess I should tell you that this was around 10 pm, which is not a good time to try out something that is potentially cracktastic, especially when one has school early in the morning the next day. To be honest, I did not expect to like Miranda this much, but a few minutes into the show and I was already LMAO! THIS TV SERIES, IT IS FRICKING HILARIOUS! And then, when the time was around 12:30 am, instead of going to bed like I should, I wanted moar and ended up not sleeping until close to 2 am.

I went to class today and guess what I did right after I got home from school? Yes, that’s right. I watched more of this delightful show.

If you haven’t seen Miranda, please check it out! Here’s a short clip to whet your appetite.

(Special thanks to BBC for uploading the clip.)

I love you, Miranda!

Currently Watching

Surprisingly, none of the dramas that I’m actively following at the moment are Korean dramas. The biggest surprise of all is that one of them includes a Taiwanese show called Sunny Happiness. Seeing how I managed to finish one and only one TW drama ever since I started watching dramas in general, TW dramas are usually more miss than hit with me. Soon, you’ll be lonely no more, Why Why Love because Sunny Happiness and perhaps even ToGetHer will join your company.

Per E.G.’s gushing, I’m also watching Tatta Hitotsu No Koi and really enjoying it. I’m only on the earlier episodes and I’ve gotten misty eyes a couple of times already. Why do I have the feeling that THnK is going to make me into a blubbering mess in its final stretch, similar to Sunao ni Narenakute? (Linda!!!) I mean, what the…? I usually don’t cry while watching dramas or movies because I’d like to think that my heart is encased in ice, covered by a few feet of snow. But darn you, dramas for making me feel real human emotions. Darn you! *hugs laptop screen*

So I guess this means that I’m taking a vacation from kimchi land for the time being. However, don’t worry K-dramas because I still love you the most and won’t be gone for too long.

Waterboys: Top 10 ROFL-astic Scenes

Because we all need laughter (and cute boys) in our lives. 😉

Note: Although Waterboys came out in 2001 (wowie, a decade ago?!), I guess there are still people who haven’t seen it or only watched it recently, like myself. So, for those who haven’t seen Waterboys, I would suggest that you not read this post yet because it might spoil the scenes for you and you’d likely not find it as humorous as I did if/when you do watch the movie.

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