Waterboys: Top 10 ROFL-astic Scenes

Because we all need laughter (and cute boys) in our lives. πŸ˜‰

Note: Although Waterboys came out in 2001 (wowie, a decade ago?!), I guess there are still people who haven’t seen it or only watched it recently, like myself. So, for those who haven’t seen Waterboys, I would suggest that you not read this post yet because it might spoil the scenes for you and you’d likely not find it as humorous as I did if/when you do watch the movie.

Without further ado, I hereby present… *drum roll*

The Top 10 ROFL-astic Scenes in Waterboys (in chronological order)

1. You use a net to catch fish? Pssh, that’s old-school. Me? I use my shirt.

hahahhahaa *chokes on chlorine water*

2. Yeah, that’s totally (not) what I want to be when I grow up…

3. My afro! MY AFRO!



^ The burn mark is a perfect circle? Wth?!

4. We learn something new about our friends everyday…

5. Sato is here! Woo hoo!

The most unenthusiastic member of the team, at first…

^ Synchronize swimming?! I’m super excited. Can’t you tell by the expression on my face?

But not for long…

^ An utterly precious bonding moment among the five friends

6. Dance, baby. Dance!

^ Even the dolphin trainer can’t help but bust out some of his own dance moves. Such is the power of Dance Dance Revolution!

7. Great job! Now, here’s a fish for ya.

^ “Oops, wrong species.” ahahahahahah

8. Mouth to mouth resuscitation… on dolphins?

The boys wanted to learn a routine from the dolphins but didn’t know that in the performance, there was a part where the dolphins play dead. So when that happens, the boys freaked out. Suzuki jumped into the water to save the dolphin but didn’t know how to do that, so one of his friends suggested that he do mouth-to-mouth. But in a panic state, Suzuki forgot where the dolphin’s mouth was and blew air into its blowhole. Which didn’t work so he blew into its beak and then foam started coming out from its blowhole. Which freaked him out even more! Thankfully, Sato was smart enough to realize that the dolphins were pretending and whistled them out of their immobile state.

For me, the hilarity of the scene stems from a combination of randomness and “wth?! This is so silly but so funny!”

9. Secret admirer

Saotome crushing on Sato. “I’ve been watching you…”

^ Young Saotome is played by a girl?! And look at little Sato’s hair! bwuahahahahha

10. Perhaps one of the reasons why eyeglasses were invented?

The performance we’ve all been waiting for…

Although it’s a little unbelievable that the entire team was able to come together and synchronize with each other in what seemed like a short amount of time, their performance was fantastic!


Adorable Suzuki

Overall, Waterboys is a delightful, 90 minutes of solid entertainment that, among other things, reminded me of Buki’s immense adorkableness. Domo arigato, Waterboys!


4 thoughts on “Waterboys: Top 10 ROFL-astic Scenes

  1. This post had me chuckling from start to finish, doozt! πŸ˜€ “Because we all need laughter (and cute boys) in our lives…” — Ahahaha, terrif tag line! I wubb this!!!

    Your ROFLtastic countdown brought me back to all that was charming and fun about this movie — and also, er, Buki’s water-drenched abs, apparently. ^^;; I’d love to give this movie another spin in the coming days. (And the bonus — hehehe why did I half-expect to find extra Buki shots at the end of your post? woohoo =P)

    Wow, I’d forgotten that the aerial shots of the sync swimming routine look so amazing! I agree that the routine looked a tad too polished after such a short training period, but such was the charm of this underdog story that we ended up cheering for those boys anyway, all the way to the end. πŸ™‚

    I haven’t watched the 2003 dorama, but I got to see some BTS clips, and the scene where the waterboys perform their final routine actually took a shockingly great number of takes to do, because the boys would always break formation and fall into the pool at a particularly difficult part of the routine. The director and (I presume) the sync swimming trainer kept motivating them to keep going, and when the whole team finally pulled it off and the director called it a wrap, the boys broke down crying and hugging each other. I was like, poor things! They must have spent the entire afternoon trying to do this one scene, and one can only imagine the exhaustion and pressure they all must have felt. That eye-opener sure torqued up my appreciation and respect for synchronized swimmers the world over. πŸ™‚

    • Glad you enjoyed the post! πŸ™‚

      Your ROFLtastic countdown brought me back to all that was charming and fun about this movie β€” and also, er, Buki’s water-drenched abs, apparently. ^^;;

      Waterboys is awesome because it’s fanservice-y and cheeky (no pun intended), yet somehow wholesome. And yes, Buki’s abs… *wipes away fishies and rests head on abs*

      I only began to learn how to swim just last year and it is such a challenge. I’m still struggling with getting down the kicking, arm stroke, and especially the breathing. And that’s just regular old freestyle. Imagine how much more difficult it is when you have to keep afloat and be in sync with your teammates. So I definitely agree with you about having a newfound respect for synchronize swimmers.

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