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Surprisingly, none of the dramas that I’m actively following at the moment are Korean dramas. The biggest surprise of all is that one of them includes a Taiwanese show called Sunny Happiness. Seeing how I managed to finish one and only one TW drama ever since I started watching dramas in general, TW dramas are usually more miss than hit with me. Soon, you’ll be lonely no more, Why Why Love because Sunny Happiness and perhaps even ToGetHer will join your company.

Per E.G.’s gushing, I’m also watching Tatta Hitotsu No Koi and really enjoying it. I’m only on the earlier episodes and I’ve gotten misty eyes a couple of times already. Why do I have the feeling that THnK is going to make me into a blubbering mess in its final stretch, similar to Sunao ni Narenakute? (Linda!!!) I mean, what the…? I usually don’t cry while watching dramas or movies because I’d like to think that my heart is encased in ice, covered by a few feet of snow. But darn you, dramas for making me feel real human emotions. Darn you! *hugs laptop screen*

So I guess this means that I’m taking a vacation from kimchi land for the time being. However, don’t worry K-dramas because I still love you the most and won’t be gone for too long.


10 thoughts on “Currently Watching

  1. Whaaaaa??? You’re watching it???!?!??! Yatta!!!!!! Glad you’re liking it so far, doozy! *rubs hands*

    *remembers Hiroto and Nao*
    *goes off to a corner and cries*

    (Um, so is Ko/Koki annoying you yet? =P)

    • Yes, yes I am. I’m halfway through the series and it looks like it’s heading towards a pool of tears. Hiroto and Nao, tugging at my heartstrings! *tear*

      Ko/Koki is not annoying, yet… but I’m slightly jealous that Kame/Hiroto’s eyebrows are tamer and prettier than mine.

      • …but I’m slightly jealous that Kame/Hiroto’s eyebrows are tamer and prettier than mine.

        Sorry to intrude but this line cracked me up. Must confess, that’s one of the things that always bothered me when I watch Kame. Good thing he’s such a boy in THnK. ;D

      • zooey, Kame’s eyebrows are very distracting… but then when he went into the “I’mma kill you if you mess with Nao” mode, I was seriously impressed because I didn’t think that he would go to such lengths to protect her. Mad respect for Hiroto!

      • haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one. I can’t remember what show it was or where I read it but I seem to recall Jin saying something about Kame & the importance of his whole eyebrow grooming regime . Actually, I’ve noticed most Japanese celebrity boys tend to groom their brows *hangs head in shame*… which is fine I guess because apparently a good brow can alter your entire face shape for the better or something.

        Re Sunny Happiness, I want to watch this! I’ve heard other people say it’s pretty cool so far but I’d love to hear what you think about it too (have there been any smooching scenes that have involved Mike He yet?????? *wipes chin*)

      • @ jicks
        For a TW drama, Sunny Happiness is surprisingly very watchable for me. Yes, the storyline is nothing original and yes, sometimes the cliches and coincidences can induce major eye rolling. But, despite its flaws, I enjoyed watching it because there are moments that bring a smile to my face. Also, Janine Chang bears an uncanny resemblance to Horikita Maki, who is one of my favorite Japanese actresses, so right off the bat, I like her already. Plus, SH introduced me to Li Yi Feng, who is such a cutie even though his character veered toward the unreasonable at times. I also remember that you liked Fated to Love You, and although I only saw one episode of FtLY, I read that the plot development in SH is similar so just an FYI.

  2. Hee. You learned the *hugs computer screen* move from me. 😛 Wait, you’ve finished SH, right? And are you just rewatching it now and/or making gifs here and there? BECAUSE I LOVE YOUR GIFS of a certain hottie. <333333

    • You learned the *hugs computer screen* move from me.
      Ah, I knew I had seen that from somewhere before. Thanks for the move. Sometimes, while watching certain scenes from dramas, it’s just so fitting.

      Wait, you’ve finished SH, right?
      Not yet. I’m such a slow SH watcher, mostly because Real Life has been really busy and also because I’m easily distracted. I recently learned how to make gifs so whenever I come across a scene that I like, off I go to make gifs. And then, I’d proceed to stare at them because I can’t get enough of the aforementioned cutie.

  3. Ooooh did some just mention Fated To Love You??? I am SO there!!! Sure know how to sell a series to me, doozy! xPP

    Re Janine Chang, I love that girl, there is such a refined aura about her that is very different to many of her peers. As for her resemblance to Maki, I think it may be the cheekbone structure thing- both gorgeous girls 😉

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