Miranda and Gary

They have, what I call, “amazing chemistry” together.

Miranda (Season 2, episode 3)


2 thoughts on “Miranda and Gary

  1. While watching Episode 1 I was SO AFRAID that Gary would just be a one-shot deal, but a quick look at the episode summaries on Wiki told me that he’s a major character after all. YAY!!!

    I second the “amazing chemistry”!!! I was sold on their tandem since that “accidental” first kiss in his restaurant. And Tom Ellis — could he possibly be any hotter? Guhhh whut a cutie. I myself would totally dork out over him Miranda-style. (dunno if I could pull off the “accidental” kiss though hahaha) xD

    • On the surface, the Miranda and Gary coupling might look unconventional but onscreen, it really works. And Gary is also such a dork himself, which raises his attractiveness exponentially.

      ahahhahah @ the “accidental kiss”
      I don’t think I could pull it off either, but if by some stroke of luck I could, I’d probably faint shortly afterward, ala Miranda every time she sees Gary in his chef uniform.

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