Love & Lies

So I just finished watching episodes 1 and 2 of Best Love and Lie to Me and I’m happy to say that I like both. Woot woot!

First Up: Best Love

In true Hong sisters style, Best Love is fast-paced, fun, and full of pop culture references. I was a little afraid that I’d be bored given my reaction to their last offering but my worry quickly dissipated when the first part of episode 1 involved a hilarious segment of Ae Jung eating jajangmyun while riding a rollercoaster as a participant in a variety program. The Hong sisters are back, baby!

The first time that I saw Gong Hyo Jin was in Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School, which is my favorite Lee Kyung Hee drama. I watched it during the height of my Bi fangirling, so obviously I didn’t focus much attention on Gong Hyo Jin. Fast forward to 2010, when GHJ gave us a wonderfully honest and natural performance in Pasta and her coupling with the Chep electrified the small screen with their sizzling chemistry, she got my full attention. I adored her in Pasta.

And this time in Best Love is no different. GHJ breathes life and layers into Ae Jung with her effortless and sincere performance. She’s one of those actors that makes acting look easy when in fact, it ain’t. Anyone who have seen his/her share of bad performances can attest to that. So it comes as no surprise that I love the character of Ae Jung because she’s plucky but not overly bubbly, realistic yet optimistic, and she has this unassuming, warm appeal that makes you want to be around her.

Cha Seung Won, on the other hand, does nothing for me. I gave City Hall a go after reading numerous rave reviews in which the consensus is that after the first few awful episodes, the drama does get better, but even with that in mind, I tried but just couldn’t sit through the beginning. And that was my first impression of Cha Seung Won. Then, CSW went on to play the resident baddie in Athena, where he also acquired a face pet and y’all know how I feel about Athena and Mr. Goatee. So when I heard of his casting in Best Love, I was disappointed. Although I read that CSW excelled in comic roles during the early days of his career, I was still skeptical of him being the lead in a romcom because he just looks so darn serious… all.the.time.

When I was watching episode 1 of Best Love, Athena has conditioned me so that a part of me was half expecting Dokko Jin to slightly move a painting in his residence to reveal a secret room full of weapons, that the actor thing was just a front and he’s actually an undercover for some dubious crime organization. No lie. Plus, his nasally drawl didn’t help matter as it reinforced this expectation of mine. But thankfully, that theory was dispelled when he was doing the his special version of the happy dance at the end of episode 1. However, I still wasn’t entirely sold on the whole CSW-as-a-believable-romcom-lead until a small scene in episode 2, the one where he smiled while thinking of Ae Jung and their fruit quiz collaboration. It was a short and sweet moment, but it’s one of my favorites in the episode.

Main leads aside, let’s talk about the secondary players in this love rectangle. Although Yoon In Na’s screen time is relatively limited in these first two episodes, I look forward to seeing what she’ll be bringing to the drama and how her character develops because I liked her in Secret Garden.

And while Yoon Kye Sang may not be an actor whose name alone is enough reason for me to check out a drama, I do like him in all the dramas of his that I’ve watched (with the exception of Triple because I didn’t see much of it to be able to make an informed opinion). And thus far in Best Love, the more I watch, the more I like Pil Joo.

Plus, how can anyone resist his adorkable face and smile?

Next Up: Lie to Me

The origin of the “lie” in Lie to Me reminds me of that one game I used to play in school called “telephone” or something. You know, the one where a particular phrase is chosen at the start of the game, then we’d all sit in a circle and one person starts by whispering the phrase to the next person and that person does the same thing to the next person and so on. And when you get to the last person, the transferred info would be twisted and sometimes totally different from the original. Basically, a simple demonstration of how rumors are spread.

Anyway, I want to take on a different format and organize my thoughts on Lie to Me in a series of questions.

1) Is the premise and plot progression of Lie to Me original? No.

2) Are the technical aspects, like directing, cinematography, and music top-notch? Not really.

3) How is Kang Ji Hwan doing? His character is basically a typical chaebol, similar to the numerous chaebols who came before him. In other words, a perfectionist who is obsessed with order and cleanliness, who appears cold and blunt on the outside but hides emotional issues from a past love on the inside. However, his performance is decent and he does look mighty fine in those tailor-made suits, which is always a good thing in my book. 🙂

4) Who is Sung Joon? I’m not familiar with this newbie, but in any case… Why, hello there, cutie!

5) Despite its predictable plot and unoriginal characters, do I enjoy watching the show? Indeed, I do. I think Lie to Me has replaced Manny as my go-to drama for the weekly easy, breezy watch.

Above all, this is why I’m watching Lie to Me.

Yoon Eun Hye, welcome back to the small screen! I’ve missed you. And that pretty much sums up the main reason why I like Lie to Me.


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