Best Love Episodes 3-4: Favorite Scenes

Episodes 3 and 4 see the gradual buildup of attraction that Dokko Jin has for Ae Jung despite Jin telling himself that she’s so not his type because they’re not on the same level, celebrity status-wise, and after all, he IS the one and only DOKKO JIN. One thing that bugs me about this progression is that I don’t buy into this pairing yet because Jin’s feelings for Ae Jung are developing a bit too quickly for me to believe it wholeheartedly. Plus, the repetition of the “thump thump” song as the connection/catalyst makes me roll my eyes instead of going, “aw shucks… so romantic.” That aside, I’m still enjoying the show immensely because it never fails to make me laugh.

A Collection of My Favorite Scenes From Episodes 3 and 4

Multi-generation male bonding over cucumber facial. Yeah, I’m easily amused.

Jin stands up for Ae Jung and tells her former jerkface manager who’s the boss on this side of town.

Which leads to this dilemma…

And then this…

“I swear this outfit I’m wearing is unisex.”
“Okay, fine. But then how do you explain the 20 dresses sitting on your couch, which you claim all belong to YOU?”

Jin’s facial somersaults

Smile = Gu Ae Jung | Frown = Ha Ru Mi

This is the face of a man…

who wants his panties back!

Aw, Dr. Yoon… Why so awesome?!

Goodness, look at his eyes! They speak volumes. I’m getting flashbacks of Choi Han Gyul and Park Kyu looking at their ladyloves in the same way.


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