The Best Thing About Best Love

He finds her slumped in front of her friend’s restaurant, drunk. He sits down with her and supports her head with his shoulder. He lifts his hand, which hovers above hers and I, as a viewer, expect for sure that he is going hold her hand, even if it’s just for a brief moment, even if she’s unaware of his presence. But instead, he goes and does something even more heartbreaking.

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Romance Town: Episode 8

I dunno why but I keep thinking that Romance Town is a Monday-Tuesday drama, so when I was done with watching this episode on Monday, same thing with episode 6, I’d rushed off to download the next episode. I guess my insatiable craving for Romance Town overrides the little fact that the show airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Anyway, episode 8… Lots of happenings in this one, plus several laugh-out-loud moments and squee-worthy interactions. Except for the ending, I like this episode a lot.

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Romance Town: Episode 7

Granted, Romance Town might not be the best romcom ever written or even the most popular drama out of the May Madness batch. However, I adore its quirky vibe, unique setting and set of characters, and endearing heroine. But I still don’t feel like those qualities encompass entirely why it’s my favorite romcom at the moment. I guess rather than trying to analyze further why I like it, I’m just gonna say that it’s one of those shows that hits the right emotional spots for me.

Note: This is not really a recap of episode 7, but more like a captioned summary of sorts mixed in with random thoughts that came to mind while watching this episode. For detailed recaps of Romance Town, you can read them at Dramabeans, written by the lovely kaedejun.

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Random, Yet Amusing

So I was looking at the “top searches” terms in the blog’s stat and was surprised to see “kang ji hwan flower pin” on the list. Out of curiosity, I ran the search through Google, and found this.

I dunno why, but seeing the blog at the top of the results page made me giggle. It’s amusing because I don’t think this has ever happened before, and especially for something as random as coordinated flower pins on suits. I guess this means I owe a big “thank you” to Ki Joon and his love of floral accessories. Thanks, man!

Also, apologies to those who stumbled here expecting to find a shopping site to purchase said pins, only to find a couple of shallow screencaps. At least, your eyes liked the mancandy treat?

Not Feeling the Love

I just finished episode 8 of Best Love and I’m disappointed to say that even at this halfway mark, the drama isn’t doing much for me. Also, a good lot of its jokes isn’t making me laugh at all, which is odd because Best Love is penned by the Hong Sisters, whose humor is the kind that I usually enjoy. Not only that, I felt bored and at one point, even checked the time and realized that it was only 30 minutes into the show and you know what I thought?

Note: Please don’t proceed further if you’re a huge fan of the show and don’t like to read opposing viewpoints.

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