Not Feeling the Love

I just finished episode 8 of Best Love and I’m disappointed to say that even at this halfway mark, the drama isn’t doing much for me. Also, a good lot of its jokes isn’t making me laugh at all, which is odd because Best Love is penned by the Hong Sisters, whose humor is the kind that I usually enjoy. Not only that, I felt bored and at one point, even checked the time and realized that it was only 30 minutes into the show and you know what I thought?

Note: Please don’t proceed further if you’re a huge fan of the show and don’t like to read opposing viewpoints.

“Another 30 minutes? Wah, so long!” And similar to the characters in the above screencap, for most of the episode, my attention was elsewhere rather than focused on the events unfolding on the screen.

Wait, what?!

This show is written by the Hong Sisters! THE Hong Sisters! Seeing how the majority in the blogosphere seems to love it to pieces, is it just me then? Has my taste in dramas changed without me realizing it consciously? I don’t think so. I mean, romcom is still one of my favorite genres and last I checked, my funny bone is still easily tickled. So, what the heck is going on here?

I think the biggest reason for my lack of interest is the fact that I still don’t believe in its OTP and therefore, cannot get emotionally invested in their journey from strangerland to coupledom. As a viewer, I think that in order to be fully engage in the drama, I need to find its main couple compelling and this factor is especially vital in a romcom like Best Love. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon because I just don’t see what the big deal is about Dokko Jin. The character is narcissistic, at times borderline clinically neurotic, and immature. And he’s supposed to be 37 years old? Really?

I like Ae Jung, I really do. She’s full of optimism and perseverance. Despite not being at the receiving end of positive public opinion, she doesn’t let that bog her down and lives her life earnestly, always putting her best foot forward no matter how small the gig. So okay, I can maybe see why Jin finds her appealing. But, why does Ae Jung fall for Jin when there’s a normal, considerate, and kind person like Pil Joo vying for her affection? Because the script says so? Coz that’s how it feels for me.

Okay, to be honest, when Ae Jung and Jin spent some alone time together signing autographs, and they were just talking and simply getting to know each other, without the usual yelling and denial, I did, for a brief second, think that the two of them could actually work because that was a nice bonding moment. But this scene is in episode 8, out of a 16-episode drama. I would’ve liked their relationship development more if this had occur earlier in the series.

So, as it stands, if given a choice between the man on the left and the one on the right, who would you choose?

Perhaps the reason why I can’t get behind Ae Jung and Jin is because in this contest, there’s really no contest for me since I would choose Pil Joo over Jin. But alas, Pil Joo is gonna get his heart crushed because he’s a second lead. *shakes fist at k-drama canons*

When Jin strutted past the crowd of reporters to save the damsel in distress by revealing that he was the one who bought Ae Jung’s shoes from the charity auction, I was mildly impressed. But when Pil Joo presented Ae Jung with all three roses on Couple Making, I swooned then was instantly pained at the thought of him getting hurt from Ae Jung’s inevitable rejection.

And that’s another odd thing that I noticed while watching Best Love because I usually don’t root for the second lead to get the girl and if history is any indication, certainly not in a Hong Sisters drama. Maybe a good explanation for me having second lead syndrome is because Pil Joo is, by far, the most well-developed secondary male character that the Hong Sisters have written. Either that or I really don’t like Jin. Which brings me to another point. Why haven’t I truly liked any of the lead male character in recent Hong Sisters drama, starting from You’re Beautiful?

Main characters aside, what happened to the humor? Where is it?

For example, when Jin sprouted wings in the above scene, instead of chuckling, I was like, “What the …? Seriously?” And the repeated use of CGI text messages and thought bubbles, which were somewhat amusing in the beginning, are no longer funny. Oh wait, I lied. I did laugh a little at Jin’s imagined conversation between Ae Jung and Pil Joo, but that was mostly because Pil Joo was uncharacteristically grumpy.

Relatively speaking, as long as story, direction, and acting are solid, I usually don’t pay that much attention to music in a k-drama unless it’s exceptionally stellar or distractingly awful. But oh my, the music direction in Best Love… is not good. Perhaps because my interest in the drama is gradually decreasing, it seems like the music direction is getting worst with each episode. Okay, I admit that I do like the “thumping heart” song because its melody is catchy and its vibe cheery, but that’s about it.

You know, when I read the promotional news on Best Love prior to its premiere, I was really anticipating this drama. And when it finally aired, I went in fully expecting to like it because I’m a big fan of the Hong Sisters. I mean, they’re the team who wrote My Girl, which is one of my favorite dramas. So I guess the question here is: Will I continue to follow Best Love? Although not as fervently as before, the answer is “yes” because I like Pil Joo. I know he’s not going to get the girl, so I just hope that he won’t turn obsessively crazy but instead, will overcome the heartbreak and step back gracefully.


8 thoughts on “Not Feeling the Love

  1. Awww. It sounds like I definitely enjoyed it more than you did from the beginning, but I understand what you mean about wanting AJ to end up w/ PJ. And as much as I enjoyed the humor, the drama didn’t connect with me emotionally at first. But I had a change of mind after watching episodes 9 and 10. The latest episodes just tugged at my heart, which I haven’t felt with a Hong sisters’ drama since My Girl. So don’t give up yet, Doozy!

    • The latest episodes just tugged at my heart, which I haven’t felt with a Hong sisters’ drama since My Girl.

      Wow, really? My interest is revived and I shall approach the latest episodes of Best Love with optimism. Thanks, blue!

  2. i am not feeling the love too, sadly. it might be because of having too much at my plate. now i am only genuinely watching RoTa and BFB.

    my problem with the drama is i am tired of all of the symbolism they put on inanimated objects. i just find it unrealistic to dictate what are you feeling on heartrate monitor and um, potato? and the camelilia and azalea stuff just made my head spinning. i must be really stupid to fail to comprehend them eh.

    • i must be really stupid to fail to comprehend them eh.

      I’m sure you understand them fine, but all those flower symbolism probably feel tedious rather amusing (camellia) or poignant (azalea). Glad I’m not the only one feeling this way about Best Love.

  3. Hmm, about the whole object symbolism thing, I think since the show revolves around Dokko Jin, what the dugeun dugeun song did to his heartbeat and how his heart is artificial and just an object, he sort of relates the events in his life to objects? Or rather that’s what the Hong sisters might have been aiming for, but it’s not really in good taste to all the viewers? I quite like it, to be honest, because instead of finding them confusing, I like to figure out the symbolisms in my head while watching the drama instead of just… idk watching everything happen in front of me. Just my opinion though :3

    • I do usually appreciate metaphors but Best Love is overdoing it for me. But then again, this is a Hong Sister drama and subtlety isn’t really their game so I went into Best Love with this in mind and was ready to embrace (almost) whatever they throw at me since I like their previous offerings. The thing is, though, Dokko Jin is a 37 year-old but his mannerisms and little quirks make him seem like he’s 37-minus-30 years old and that makes it difficult for me to connect with his character and in turn, his feelings for Ae Jung.

      I guess it’s different strokes for different folks, eh. 🙂

  4. I thought I was alone in not liking Best Love. I loved it in the beginning but starting episode 7 I became bored. I’m finding myself liking Lie to me and City Hunter better which is weird because I love Hong sisters dramas with My Girl being my all-time fave. I have to like the characters for me to be engaged but I really find Dokko Jin unappealing. He’s immature, narcissistic and CRAZY! Ae Jung is too goodhearted to be true. Oh well when I run out of dramas to watch I’ll catch-up later.

    • Initially, I felt like the odd person out for not enjoying Best Love when everyone else was raving about it. But now, I’m okay with it and still look forward to the next offering from the Hong sisters.

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