City Hunter: Episodes 13-14

I’m caught up with the latest episode of City Hunter. The drama continues to be nail-bitingly good, which makes it hard to wait for the next episode because darn it, those cliffhangers always leave me wanting more, more, MORE! After finishing episode 14, I was thinking that maybe City Hunter is a drama that is best watched marathon-style rather than weekly episodes. But then, I thought about how I marathoned 9 episodes of this baby in one day and also the fact that I have very little self-control when it comes to K-dramas, if all 20 episodes with English subtitles were available, I might just watch the whole thing in one go. Sleep? What sleep?

Episodes 13 and 14

Before I talk about the serious stuff, can I just ask one question?

What is Yoon Sung wearing?

This jacket looks normal in front. But! Wait for it…

Yeah… I don’t know what’s going on there, either.

Yoon Sung wants to get close to Chun Jae Man’s secretary and this is the blouse shirt that he chooses to wear.

I know Yoon Sung has a pretty face but flowery lace? Really?
Okay, so having common interests is a good way to break the ice but is it an attractive thing when your date and you shop at the same women’s clothing store?


Now that Nana knows about Yoon Sung’s city hunter identity, she’s become his self-appointed assistant. I seriously love these two together. I love how she makes him smile and brings out his playful side. And how awesome is it that she’s also his moral compass. When he was blinded by rage and was walking away while Kim Jong Shik dangled on the rail, he thought of Nana telling him that although she hated Kim Jong Shik, she didn’t want him to die but instead what she really wanted was justice, for the public to know his wrongdoings. Which is another reason why Nana and Yoon Sung are compatible because that’s exactly what Yoon Sung wanted out of his revenge as well. He’s not out for blood like his stepfather but more for justice for his father, for the men who were massacred 28 years ago, and for the citizens whom these corrupt politicians had wronged. But then when Shik Joong ahjussi got ran over by the car, all bets are off. No more Mr. Nice Guy (er, City Hunter). Yoon Sung was beyond implacable and he wanted to kill Kim Jong Shik.

When Yoon Sung was walking way and leaving Kim Jong Shik to fend for himself, a part of me wanted his character to keep walking because Kim Jong Shik was so despicable, but another part of me was screaming for Yoon Sung to turn around because I didn’t want Yoon Sung to pass that point of no return, of redemption, which would be the case if he had blood on his hands. Because when all of this revenge stuff is done, I hope to see him living a normal life like he so fervently wishes for. So it was with a sigh of relief that because of his surrogate mother, his stepfather, and especially Nana that he turned back to pull up Kim Jong Shik from the railing. Even if Yoon Sung was one step too late and wasn’t able to save the unscrupulous politician, I was glad that he made the decision and effort to save rather than kill; but more importantly, he was disgusted with the person that he became when he was murderous and realized that no matter how awful the person or the crimes said person committed, killing him is never the answer. I also believe that what stopped Yoon Sung from going all the way to hell with his revenge plan this time was his memories of when his Thai surrogate mother died trying to warn him of danger and his stepfather lost his leg to save him, perhaps he was thinking about how painful it was to lose a parental figure. And that’s another thing about Yoon Sung. For a person whose childhood consisted of target practice with real guns rather than water guns, and who’s quite emotionally damaged, his ability to empathize is certainly admirable.

Going back to Nana and Yoon Sung, I also love how she literally held him together when he broke down at Ahjussi’s bedside. And when she went to Jin Pyo’s lair by herself to basically tell him to back off and stop messing with Yoon Sung. When Jin Pyo put a gun to Nana’s face, she didn’t even blink! This girl is made of premium-grade steel, I tell you.

Also, episodes 13 and 14 is when I sat up and took notice of Lee Jun Hyuk, who plays Prosecutor Kim Young Joo. I hadn’t seen this actor in anything else before City Hunter so wasn’t really familiar with him. In these two episodes, because Young Joo’s father is the city hunter’s target, his character has more screen time and the actor impressed me with his conflicted portrayal of an upright prosecutor whose father had been doing more bad things than good things.

I was talking with my best friend about the Young Joo character and she was saying how she didn’t like his hostile attitude towards Yoon Sung and his relentless pursuit of the city hunter when instead, he should focus his attention and energy on catching those corrupt politicians. Initially, I was kinda defending Young Joo because even though the city hunter was doing a good thing by bringing the villains to justice, the methods that he utilized were still illegal and as a prosecutor, Young Joo has an obligation to track down the city hunter. However, upon further discussion, I agree with her because it dawned upon me that maybe Young Joo’s reasoning for chasing Yoon Sung isn’t wholeheartedly out of professional duties. On a personal level, Young Joo disliked Yoon Sung from the start, especially when he perceived the relationship between Yoon Sung and Sae Hee to be more intimate than it really was. On a professional level, perhaps with the city hunter’s successful captures of those baddies and basically doing Young Joo’s job for him, it made him feel incompetent as a prosecutor and also raised his competitiveness. And now, with this recent incident with his father and Yoon Sung’s involvement, his antagonism towards Yoon Sung is further compounded.

So the ending of episode 14… I hope that Young Joo will find out that Yoon Sung was the one who saved him. I also hope that Young Joo’s misconceptions of Yoon Sung get resolved and he doesn’t misunderstand that Yoon Sung pushed his father off the highway overpass and become city hunter’s enemy. I want them to work together to bring to light the details of the event that transpired 28 years ago.

Once Yoon Sung and Young Joo resolve their conflicts and get past their differences, they could be the ultimate crime-fighting duo, with Nana as the master in judo kickassery, Sae Hee as the medical officer (coz fighting crime is a dangerous undertaking and the likelihood of injury is high so having a veterinarian/doctor on board is quite beneficial), and Ahjussi can be the go-to diversion when needed and also the cook (coz everyone needs food). Logically-speaking, this scenario is highly unlikely but still, wouldn’t they make a pretty awesome team?

4 thoughts on “City Hunter: Episodes 13-14

  1. ^Yes, I really want Yoon Sung and Young Joo to team up together. Their perspectives on justice may be different, but in essence, what they’re doing is no less for the better good of the society.
    A bit bummed that YJ found out late, but drama, pretty please. Give me some bromance?

  2. Ok, ripgal and doozy chingus, I don’t want to ask this on twitter because it makes me look really, really ignorant, like I’ve been dwelling in some cave the last two years…

    So I’m on YouTube looking for BTS clips of City Hunter. Instead I’m assailed by vid after vid claiming LMH and GHS were a couple. Holy cow, is/was this true? Kindly enlighten this cave-dweller, thank you.

    • thundie, how much do I love that you’ve joined us in the LMH club. 🙂

      To answer your question: from what I gathered, there were news articles stating that LMH and GHS attended such and such events together but they were was always in support of fellow BOF cast members. And of course, whenever they appeared together in a pic, every gesture and look were analyzed to the nth degree by fangirls. But nothing official came out and those remained to be rumors and speculations stemming from zealous shippers of the pairing during the peak of BOF’s popularity in 2009.

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