Micky Yoochun for High Cut Korea

OMG… !@#$%^&
That is all.
*drools buckets*

For more pics from the photoshoot, click here.
(Special thanks to Lynaeina The Lime for sharing the pics and aidapark89 for uploading the clip.)

7 thoughts on “Micky Yoochun for High Cut Korea

  1. Er… totally just instant-replayed that, twice.
    HIGH CUT photoshoots always have this cool, hip edge, which translates most times into penultimate hotness as Yoochun proves right ‘ere… I think my favourite look is definitely the black singlet and the one where he is wearing that black oversized coat with the white low-cut t-shirt i.e. anytime where he is showing extra flesh, lol. Oh, and the gaze is hypnotic *___*

    • “anytime where he is showing extra flesh”
      Yes. *nods in agreement*

      Seriously, when I first saw the pics from this photoshoot, I just stared at them for a good few minutes or so… And then was like, “I want, nay, I need this magazine NOW.” ahahah

      • Totes know how you feel! The many times I have found myself fighting the urge to order certain issues of AnAn magazine in, lololol ^^;;;; *shields eyes*

        Did you end up getting a copy of it? I think there are quite a few sellers on ebay who sell HIGH CUT magazine. Then you could touch and feel it with your bare hands, haha.

      • “Did you end up getting a copy of it?”
        No, I didn’t because the issue came out in November and I saw the pics in February. I’m not a good fangirl since I’m not really up to date with news of my fav boys.

        Thanks for letting me know about ebay! Dunno why I didn’t consider looking there.

      • I know what you mean. I am so out of the loop nowadays but at least that means I am no longer in the stalker zone, lol.
        I’ve had a look on ebay but I can’t seem to find this issue with Micky. Not sure where else to source Korean mags. If I come across it though, I shall defs let you know ;))

  2. ‘ello! Just stopping by to let you I am halfway through Sungkyunkwan Scandal… OMOMOMOMOOOMO!! I totes regret not having gotten onto it sooner! Everyone is so freakin’ booootifoooolll

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