The Best Thing About Best Love

He finds her slumped in front of her friend’s restaurant, drunk. He sits down with her and supports her head with his shoulder. He lifts his hand, which hovers above hers and I, as a viewer, expect for sure that he is going hold her hand, even if it’s just for a brief moment, even if she’s unaware of his presence. But instead, he goes and does something even more heartbreaking.

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Not Feeling the Love

I just finished episode 8 of Best Love and I’m disappointed to say that even at this halfway mark, the drama isn’t doing much for me. Also, a good lot of its jokes isn’t making me laugh at all, which is odd because Best Love is penned by the Hong Sisters, whose humor is the kind that I usually enjoy. Not only that, I felt bored and at one point, even checked the time and realized that it was only 30 minutes into the show and you know what I thought?

Note: Please don’t proceed further if you’re a huge fan of the show and don’t like to read opposing viewpoints.

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Best Love Episodes 3-4: Favorite Scenes

Episodes 3 and 4 see the gradual buildup of attraction that Dokko Jin has for Ae Jung despite Jin telling himself that she’s so not his type because they’re not on the same level, celebrity status-wise, and after all, he IS the one and only DOKKO JIN. One thing that bugs me about this progression is that I don’t buy into this pairing yet because Jin’s feelings for Ae Jung are developing a bit too quickly for me to believe it wholeheartedly. Plus, the repetition of the “thump thump” song as the connection/catalyst makes me roll my eyes instead of going, “aw shucks… so romantic.” That aside, I’m still enjoying the show immensely because it never fails to make me laugh.

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Prepare for May Madness

Notice how the last couple of blog posts are not related to K-dramas? Yeah, I’ve been on a low K-drama diet because not a lot of items on the menu looked appetizing. I’m only watching two shows at the moment, 49 Days and Manny. 49 Days started off slow but gradually built up steam over the past few weeks and is now getting really good and juicy. In contrast, Manny had a delightful beginning but is now becoming predictable and repetitive. I’m sensing yawn-inducing territory up ahead.

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