Annyeong, Oppa!

My baby Bi ain’t a baby no mo’ as he’s finally gone off to fulfill his military service. 😦

Stay happy and healthy, Ji Hoon sshi. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and your choco abs. See you in 2 years!

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Adieu… (updated)

to horrendous hairstyles? One can only hope.

I was doing my usual web surfing when I came across a video clip of Bi’s performance for his Adieu! 2010 concert. At a distance, the man looks like he still has what it takes to rock the stage and deliver an entertaining show. However, the up-close view puzzled me.

Dear Bi,

I just want you to know that ramen is supposed to be eaten, not worn on your head like a bad wig you… have a cute smile.


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Lee Jun Ki’s New Look and Baeksang Awards Result

Front view


Side view


I love his new haircut! It really makes him look younger and less feminine.


Group picture of the 43rd Annual Baeksang Arts Awards Winners

Congratulations to Kim Myung Min (Best Leading Actor for White Tower), Son Ye Jin (Best Leading Actress for Alone in Love), Lee Bum Soo and Lee Jun Ki for the Popularity Award, and Jung Ji Hoon (Best New Actor for I’m A Cyborg, But It’s Okay)!

For more awards result, please visit Anne’s Blog.

Rain, Song Hye-kyo Promote Drama in China

Actress Song Hye-kyo and singer/actor Rain will visit China to promote their drama Full House, which aired on KBS 2TV a few years ago in Korea.

They will leave Seoul Thursday for a 3-day visit to Hunan, China, where a news conference and a fan meeting are scheduled ahead of the drama’s local airing.

Song’s manager Na Byung-jun of Sidus HQ says inquiries by Chinese fans about their visit are pouring in.

The hit drama was exported to 14 countries including Thailand, the Philippines and Taiwan.

Actress Song has recently finished filming her latest movie, a film about the famous Korean courtesan Hwang Jini, while Rain is on his global concert tour.

Teaser posters of Hwang Jin Yi

News source: KBS Global
Images source:

If you’re interested in the latest updates regarding this joyous event, go to AgentP’s Headquarters.

Thai Instability Likely to Delay Rain’s Tour

Singer Rain’s world tour in Thailand will likely be delayed due to unstable local conditions.

Rain’s performance was set for February third and fourth at Bangkok’s Impact Arena.

The world tour organizer StarM said Wednesday that safety is the first concern following a chain of organized bomb explosions earlier this month in Bangkok. It said it is discussing a postponement with the Thai organizing agency, possibly to June, but that it is yet undecided.

The New Years bombings in downtown Bangkok are thought to be either a military coup by supporters of former prime minister Thaksin Shinwatra to regain power or a move by incumbent coup forces who are disappointed at the transitional government’s rule.

Thai Defense Minister Boonrawd Somtas has even warned of more terrorism.

StarM says that though the tickets are mostly sold, the safety of the singer, staff and audience must be considered, adding that ticket holders will be offered the chance to watch the delayed performance or get a refund.

On board a Korean Air plane that has a huge picture of himself printed on its fuselage, Rain left Seoul Wednesday for his Hong Kong tour this weekend.
Source: KBS Global

doozy: Anyone know the latest news on this issue? Are they going to cancel the concert all together or delay it?

“Mr. Vengeance” Back for Romance

By Kim Tae-jong
Staff Reporter (The Korea Times)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAfter the completion of a trilogy on the theme of revenge, director Park Chan-wook has taken an unexpected turn _ toward romantic comedy. But his new film will be different from the ordinary sweet and cute romantic melodramas.

Park, who was once nicknamed “Mr. Vengeance” by New York Times Magazine, said that the film is not only to cool himself down, but also to try to experiment more boldly.

“This was originally something light between big movies,” Park said Friday during a news conference after the preview screening of his new film I Am a Cyborg, but That’s OK at CGV Yongsan multiplex theater in Seoul.

“But it doesn’t mean I was going to make it without doing my best or something. I just wanted to make it without feeling much pressure about commercial success, which I believed could allow me to do more experimental and bold things so that it could be a kind of movie in which a lot of people may not understand what’s going on,” Park said.

The film, which Park introduced as “a kind of romantic comedy,” is set in a mental institute, where a male patient and a female patient fall in love. The couple is played by two big stars _ Rain, who is one of the most popular singers in Asia, and Lim Soo-jung, who gained huge popularity throughout Asia with the television drama series Sorry, I Love You.

Rain plays Il-sun, who believes he can “steal” other people’s characteristics, and Lim’s character is Young-gyun, who thinks she is a cyborg.

The two stars’ huge popularity seems to be an advantage for the film, but Park said that they were an obstacle to his experimentation.

“When Rain and Lim were cast for the film, the planned experiments were screwed up,” Park said, laughing. “The two actors said that they didn’t understand the script, and I had to deceive them with sweet and kind words _ everything will be OK.

“But I started worrying about what would happen if the audience didn’t get it or got confused. So I tried to be kinder, to help the audience understand it better,” Park said.

Through the trilogy _ Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002), Old Boy (2003) and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005) _ he explored human nature and the complicated emotions related to hatred, revenge and atonement for sins.

In his new film, what does he want to tell?

“This is a love story between patients, not between a patient and a doctor. A doctor tries to cure a patient, but the patient just understands diseases that other patients have. Il-sun loves Young-gyun as she is, along with her illusion and fantasy. I think love is something that makes you love problems that your loved one has even though you can’t fix them,” Park said.
Source: The Korea Times

doozy: Park Chan Wook had to “dumb down” the script in order for the audience to understand the movie? That’s hilarious. I can’t say that I’m a fan of his previous works because I leave them feeling very disturbed. Or maybe I just don’t have a high enough IQ to understand what the hell it is that he was trying to portray. Nonetheless, like I’ve said before, I’ll definitely watch this movie to support that certain someone.

Is Rain Worth It?

High Concert Ticket Prices Raise Eyebrows
By Cathy Rose A. Garcia (The Korea Times)
Staff Reporter

Korean superstar Rain, who goes by his real name Jung Ji-hoon when acting, will soon embark on an ambitious world tour.
K-pop superstar Rain’s upcoming world concert tour is generating a lot of buzz. After all, “Rain’s Coming 06/07 World Tour” is perhaps the most ambitious and expensive world concert tour by any Korean artist.

Expectations are running high for Rain’s world tour, which has been called a “make it or break it” tour since it will test his popularity and ability to appeal to people in different countries. With the budget for the concert reportedly reaching several millions of dollars, it is no wonder why concert tickets are being sold at a premium price.

The most expensive tickets for Rain’s concerts cost 176,000 won (US$189) in Seoul, US$261 (244,000 won) in Las Vegas and US$313 (293,000 won) in Singapore.

Rain officially kicks off his world tour in Seoul on Dec. 15 and 16 at the Olympic Park Gymnasium. He is then scheduled to perform on Dec. 23 and 24 at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Tickets for the Las Vegas concerts are already sold out at Ticketmaster, even with the price of US$89 to US$261.

Celine Dion also holds concerts at the Colosseum, charging US$165 to US$350 for tickets. The Colosseum has a capacity of 3,800.

For Rain’s concerts, organizers have arranged tour package deals for overseas fans who want to attend the concert and take a vacation in Las Vegas.

However, some U.S.-based fans were disappointed with the expensive ticket prices and the concert dates, which are scheduled right before the Christmas holiday. This has dissuaded younger fans from attending the concert.

For the Jan. 21 concert in Singapore, the front row seats were initially to cost as much as 530,000 won or US$570 each. However, these pricey seats are being reserved especially for VIP and purchasers of special package tours.

According to Regina Wong, Singapore’s representative for Rain’s International Fan Club, JYP Entertainment has also allocated 100 seats in these VIP sections for fan club members at only US$200 each. “JYPE put the seats up for sale last week and the 100 tickets at US$200 each were sold in 5 minutes,” she said.

Tickets for the Singapore concert are now sold to the public for as high as US$313 (293,000 won). Rain’s concert tickets are even more expensive than the priciest ticket to guitar legend’s Eric Clapton’s concert in Singapore, which go for US$256 or 240,000 won.

On the Singapore ticketing Web site, Rain’s concert is billed as the “largest project in scale among world tours by a Korean artist” and “at par with Madonna’s latest tour.”

Some of the reasons for the expensive ticket prices are the high production costs and that Rain has hired prominent concert production people. These include stage director Jaime King, who has choreographed dance moves for Madonna and Britney Spears; Roy Bennett, who was production designer for Paul McCartney’s 2005 U.S. tour; and visual director Dago Gonzalez.

Star M, organizer of Rain’s tour, said in a press release earlier that Rain’s world tour is expected to generate 106 billion won (US$113 million) in revenue. It estimated that 56 billion won (US$59 million) will come from admission fees and the rest from tour copyrights, DVD sales and merchandising.

Rain is scheduled to hold a concert on Feb. 3 in Bangkok. Concert dates are also being planned for Japan, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Taiwan.

doozy: Hm… this is a tough question for me to answer. I was definitely shocked when I discovered how expensive the tickets are upon the announcement of his world tour. Also, seeing his concert price compared to the likes of Celine Dion and Eric Clapton is kinda surreal to me. However, the music business is a business so it’s basically all about supply and demand. Bi does have a large and diverse fan base and if his fans are willing to fork out the dough to see him in action, then good for them, him, and the charities that will benefit from the concert. Happiness all around.

As for me, as much as I love Bi and his music and would like very much to see him in concert at least once in this lifetime, I’m still not willing to part with my $200 because I love Mr. Franklin just a tad more at this moment. Although, what if the time comes when I’m a little more well-off but Bi’s not holding any more concerts? What will I do? Hence, shouldn’t I, now, seize the moment and live for the present? Ah~ life is full of potentially regretful moments, isn’t it?

Wait a minute, did I answer the question as to whether Bi is worth the money?
Generally speaking, yes, he is. Personally speaking, no. Does that make any sense?

Bi is In LOVE?!

This news is the hottest topic (at least, I’d like to think that it is) in entertainment forums and fansites at the moment. Who’s the lady in question? She’s none other than Song Hye Kyo.

Bi (Rain) Brought food for Song hyegyo at Hwang Jin-I filming site

On his upcoming movie Cyborg but it’s ok which will be shown next month,He visited the filming site of the Movie Hwang jini which Song hyegyo is starring in,and gave her a lunchbox.

Rain made/prepared the food himself and went to The filming location at Yong-in Kyonggido,On 10th of november 11pm.

Everyone was eating snack at the moment when Rain arrived,and greeted the staff and handed the bag(food) to Song hyegyo.

The staff specially the girls who were there were envious of SHG,as a sign of appreciation and thank’s SHG accompany Rain to the parking lot.

English translation courtesy of J.lee @ Bi’s soompi thread

AHHHHHHH!! This is very good news, if it turns out that she is the one that he’s been hinting at. BiKyo, aza aza, fighting!
If you’d like to read more indepth analysis on BiKyo, you can visit Agent P’s Headquarters.

In the meantime, here’s a fan MV dedicated to the lovely pair. Enjoy!

Credit: wloi

Also, yummy pictures of Bi for Giordano’s Winter Collection

Courtesy of Cheryl (Joyplace)

Although I’m a supporter of BiKyo, I’ll still be happy for him if BiKyo only exists in Full House and not in reality because when it comes down to it, it’s his life and his happiness that really matters in this type of situation.

Rain Storms Coming to Las Vegas This Christmas

K-pop superstar Rain hopes to take Las Vegas by storm this Christmas season. He will be appearing at the Coliseum at Caesars Palace as part of his quest to make inroads into the North American market.

The decision to stage the concert at the 3,800-seat venue is understood to have been made at Rain’s insistence. Of the many places that U.S. entertainment firms offered to the artist, it was where both Celine Dion and Elton John played that Rain thought he should kick things off.

After the opener in Vegas, Rain’s world tour will span 35 performances. This time the artist has taken on some of the world’s top concert producing talent for this make-or-break tour, including stage director Jaime King, lighting specialist Roy Bennett, and visual director Dago Gonzalez. Online reservations at Ticketmaster ( have already begun. Seats range from US$98-$260.

To get his blood pumping for his assault on the U.S. mainland, Rain will warm up to the always-affectionate home crowd with a serious of concerts Dec.15, 16 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul.
( )

doozy: Wah~ Why is the price so expensive?! Also, Christmas is such a busy travel time, especially in Las Vegas. Hmm… at least it’s in the States so there’s a possiblity..