Vengeance trilogy director Park Chan-wook returns with romantic comedy starring Rain

From left to right: Park Chan Wook, Lim Soo Jung, and Rain (Bi)

By Kim Hyun
SEOUL, Nov. 9 (Yonhap) — Fresh from making hard-boiled thrillers, South Korea’s Park Chan-wook said Thursday that he wanted to deliver a romantic story that “smells like fruit” this time.

I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Okay, Park’s seventh feature, is to debut in theaters next month, basking in the heightened attention for its male lead, star singer and actor Rain (called Bi in Korean). Dubbed as “a kind of romantic comedy” by the director, the story of a young female mental patient who believes she is a cyborg and her male mate who chases after her marks the director’s return, far from the the Vengeance triology.

“Believe it or not, it’s true that this is the movie I made,” Park said in a press conference to announce the end of the producton.

“It was good that I could cast young actors. Somehow I wanted to return to my childish dream. I wanted to make a movie that is as fresh as them and that smells like fruit. An age 12-rated movie that I can watch with my daughter.”
Its female lead is Lim Soo-jung, who played a blameless heroine in the popular Korean television drama series, Sorry, I Love You, which aired last year in eight Asian countries, including China, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam.

“The mental patients all have their own unique universe. It could be nothing more than an illusion in the eye of normal people. But it is an indispensible one, the only and very realistic world to that person. So if they talk to each other about their own universe, wouldn’t that be a kind of what we call love?” he said in a Seoul hotel packed with hundreds of local and foreign journalists, where some scenes from the film were screened.

Making his screen debut with the established director, Rain said he saw the pristine state of humans from the wacky, disorderly mental hospital.

“I interpret this movie as a message of hope for the world. The patients in the hospital live with feelings of irritation and distance from the world, but I felt that they are very good natured and naive and more highly-focused than any normal people,” he said.

I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Okay is to be released nationwide on Dec. 7.
Source: Yonhap News
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Bi’s New Movie

Pictures from the press conference of I’m A Cyborg, But It’s Okay

Look at the size of that safety pin! Ji Hoon sshi, did you take it from my locker?

The movie premieres on December 7th. For more pictures from the event, go here.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

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doozy: I really look forward to seeing this movie and Bi’s performance. Hopefully, it won’t disappoint and will be well-received when it is shown in S. Korea.

It’s RAINing Men…

Aish! I had just finished a post this post and proceeded to publish it when Blogger suddenly spazzed out. I couldn’t even save as draft. WHY, BLOGGER? WHY?! WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME? WEH? Ai caramba… *shake fist in air*
So anyway, here goes the whole thing one more time. Let’s see if I remember all of it.

I just finished watching the recent YSMM episode where Bi was on as a guest star. Watching this episode really “renews” my interest in all things Bi. I love his personality. He is funny and oh so cute! Hence, you see the new banner.
The episode is now available on YouTube with English subtitles (courtesy of Rxgoodleaf). Below are the first and second, out of seven parts, of the episode.

Part 1

Part 2

English subtitles by: Rxgoodleaf
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The following are clips of Bi on tvNMad. The subtitles are very small so get ready to glue your eyes to the screen and squint really hard.

Part 1

I’ve listened to “I’m Coming” several times and I’m starting to like it!

Part 2

They’re showing Bi raunchy scenes from movies and television dramas but his heart rate is decreasing! His facial expressions are so funny. Haha! (FYI: The first clip is from the movie April Snow staring BYJ–I don’t know how to spell his name… hence, the abbreviations–and Son Ye Jin.)

Part 3

English subtitles by: tokki
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Man, I need to crack open some Korean books and start taking Korean classes seriously so I can understand what they’re saying and prepare for my move to Seoul, Korea. I feel like I’m missing out! Heehee.

Singer Rain Poses for Unfortunate Children

Pan-Asian star Rain has participated in the photo exhibition “Letter from Angels 4” organized by photographer Cho Se-hon to help children without families. In cooperation with the Social Welfare Society (SWS), the exhibition has been held since 2003 to help children living in social facilities find a new home and lead a healthy life.

Rain accepted a direct request for participation by Cho without hesitation despite his busy schedule, saying “I will be happy if I can help even one child find a new loving family.” He posed with a one-month old baby boy, who perplexed the star near the end of the photographing by urinating on him. (Aw, poor Bi. Heehee..)

The exhibition will be held at the Insa Art Center in Seoul from Dec. 20 until 26. Other participating stars include actresses Kim Jung-eun, who is a SWS promotion ambassador, Kim Hye-soo, Sohn Ye-jin and group SG Wannabe.
Source: KBS Global

doozy: With the release of his fourth album and concert tour, Bi is “everywhere” these days. Good for him that he’s using his star power to promote worthy causes. I like the picture. The way he’s holding the baby looks so gentle.

Rain to Meet with U.N. Secretary General-elect Ban Ki-moon

Pan-Asian star Rain will hold a meeting with the 8th U.N. Secretary-General-elect Ban Ki-moon on October 28 in North Chungcheong Province at an event congratulating Ban for his election.

Before performing in a congratulatory concert, the singer will meet with Ban for about 20 minutes so the two can thank and congratulate each other on their respective achievements in raising Korea’s status in the international community.

Rain, whose fourth album sends a message of world peace, said he will be honored to meet with Ban, whose new post will endow him with the ability to realize the goal of attaining world peace.

On October 29, Park Jin-young, who is Rain’s producer and the CEO of his agency, will represent Asia at the U.N. Youth Leadership Summit in New York.

The meeting between Rain, who in February was selected by the U.S. magazine Time as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, and Ban, who won a unanimous vote to take the post of U.N. secretary general, will represent a ray of hope for Korea’s future.

Organized by Gyohyeon Elementary School, Chungju Secondary School and Chungju High School, Ban’s alma maters, and the Chungju municipal government, the event will be attended by some 10,000 Chungjju residents and heads of local government offices. The congratulatory concert will be broadcast live by local cable broadcaster HCN. The pre-recorded version of the concert will go on the air in China, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.
Source: KBS Global

Rain (Bi) Vol. 4: Rain’s World *updated*

I’m gorgeous, I know. My body is a work of art!

Song List


Promotional MV

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“I’m Coming” Live Performance on SBS

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“Move On”

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The Evolution of Bi

Vol. 1- “Bad Man”

What is the “bad man” trying to run away from? His captors, loan sharks, or simply… bad hair? None of the above. He is “running away from the sun”…

Vol. 2- “How to Escape from the Sun”

I love the guitar intro. This is one of my most favorite songs.

With the success of his two previous albums and a hit television drama (Full House), Bi’s popularity is soaring. He’s so famous that in order to avoid the lenses of paparazzi, he uses a big rig truck as a mode of transportation to his concert. He wears a long fur coat to represent his status, wealth, and spite for little furry animals. (Okay, perhaps no to the last one..) At his performance, people are chanting his name, “Rain, go Rain. It’s raining!”

Vol. 3- “It’s Raining”

Japan, are you ready? Here I come!

Special thanks to Lanice for uploading the MVs and subbing teams for the subtitles.

Weather forecast: Rain in the USA?

Rain is going to release his 5th album (World Wide version) in the 2nd half of 2007, mainly targeting at USA and the rest of the world.

According to Rain’s recent interview by Starnews, “5th album will be released next year as world wide version, as it’s part of the plan to enter USA market…” “Mini concerts will be held to release of new songs, and combined with World Wide…. The event(s) shall be organised in S. Korea and other countries…” Rain added, “The initial stage of brain-storming for 5th album was completed..” So let’s look forward to it.

Rain also mentioned that this album mainly includes English songs so that it can be simultaneously released in S. Korea and overseas markets. It is a totally different concept compared to License Album. “Like what I normally did in the past: Conceptualization for 4th album was done during the release of 3rd album… Therefore we have the ideas for next album after the release of 4th album.” said Rain.

Rain’s World was officially released on Oct 13, and created 100,000 copies of sales record in first day! The figure is still going up indeed. In the meantime, Rain began his publicity activities from MBC SHOW! Music Centre on Oct 14.
Source: Chosun & Starnews
Chi translation: irbi@BiwithRain
Up by mandy@rainhk
Eng translation: jjbug@rain-malaysia
Credit: nana555@Bi’s Kingdom (, khanakham, Kdrama, and heygingersnap @ Soompi

doozy: This new album concept of Bi being a some sort of supernatural god/superhero who is going to save the world from death and destruction is… a little over-the-top. And what is with this military theme? He’s trying to expand global, especially into the US music industry, but with the current political situation with the war and all, is this new image/concept going to help or hurt his goals?
Appearance-wise, he looks great! I like the new haircut and love the tanned, well-built body.
Music-wise, from the several songs that I’ve heard, it’s okay. I prefer “It’s Raining” over “I’m Coming.” Although “Move On” is a good song, I still like his previous albums more.
In any case, I wish him the best of success in his quest for “global domination!”

Rain, Won Bin, Kang Dong-won Join Hands

Hallyu stars Rain, Won Bin, Kang Dong-won, Suae and Han Chae-young will set up a joint sales office at the 11th Pusan International Film Festival.

Star-J Entertainment said October 11 that four talent management agencies that manage big hallyu stars, including JYP Entertainment, Dream East On and The Man, will set up a joint sales office at the festival.

The Asian Film Market, which will debut this year, will create opportunities to share information about popular actors aside from just buying and selling films. Influential talent management agencies from both Korea and abroad are expected to install booths at the festival to promote their actors.

A person from Star-J Entertainment said that promotional activities of hallyu stars overseas that were unofficially held so far had multiple negative effects, but this event will hopefully pave the way for official and transparent business.

The sales office will be open October 15 through 18.
Source: KBS Global

Rain (Bi) Vows to Take the World by Storm

It looks like at any moment the pink T-shirt holding in his bulging muscles will be able to contain him no more: shoulders that look as if they have spread another 10 cm in the last year from a new and deeper confidence in his words and ways. K-Pop’s brightest star Rain, who will kick off a world tour at a release event for his fourth album at the main stadium at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium on Oct. 13., agreed to a chat with the Chosun Ilbo.

“What happens now will determine whether I’ll be taking a big step forward or staying where I’m at,” he says. “If you just grasp a handful of sand, it will only slip through your fingers. You need to sprinkle water on the sand to make mud, which can then become cement and be made into a building.”

“This world tour is the biggest opportunity I’ve ever had in my life,” says the pop star, who has prepared for it as much as humanly possible. The biggest difference between this and his last tour is that a top crew that has worked on the shows of all the top U.S. and U.K. stars has been assembled for the show. “Things that no Korean musician has yet been able to do are happening now,” he says. “Even when those who come to the show reach their 40s and 50s, they will automatically think of it whenever it rains, that’s the kind of masterpiece that I will make. When I was drinking with (tour) producer Jamie King, he said, ‘I’m the best there is. If I can’t make your stage the best, there’s no reason for me to be here.’ It was like a spark.”

After wrapping up his Madison Square Garden concert back in February, Rain had two choices. There was the perhaps too hasty fast track: putting together an album in English and heading guns blazing into the U.S. market. And the slower and surer option: heading back to Asia to cement his popularity with a world tour first. He went with the second option. “I thought that the first order of business should be giving a big gift back to the audiences in Asia. Towards the end of next year, I’ll officially release an album in English, and then I’d better get up on those Billboard Charts,” he says.

“I don’t have the words to express how ready I am for battle. Usually, once the curtain goes up, the roars of the audience shake me like a wave and electricity surges from head to toe. But now I’m in that state of excitement even though the concerts haven’t started.”

Rain’s ambitions as an actor are not too modest either. He recently finished work on the latest film by director Park Chan-wook, Cyborg Girl. In the midst of all that, he has also been putting together his fourth album and preparing for the tour, putting his daily schedule a long way from comfort. “I sleep for one or two hours,” he admits.

“In my days as a backup dancer, a mentor of mine who was the drummer said something that always stayed with me: ‘When you lie down in bed at night, if comfortable sleep doesn’t come to you, you haven’t put everything into your work that day.” These days, when I lie down for bed, I am often uneasy. I struggle to think of just what it is that I’ve done wrong, then finally, I just get back up and practice dancing and singing again. It seems like I may have some kind of an obsession.”

Even though Rain lives as though there are 48 hours in a day, he still meets his friends from time to time. But he confesses, “After just the first shot of Soju, I start asking myself, ‘Is it really OK for me to be messing around like this now?’ and then it is difficult for me to just enjoy small talk.” His “obsession” with work is more than your garden variety self-motivation. “Yes, I’m a workaholic.”

“When I think of how I wasn’t able to even buy a meal, or a bouquet of flowers, for my mother who left this world after she couldn’t get adequate treatment for her diabetes, I realize that I can’t spend one minute or even one second in vain,” the singer says. “People who have gone five days without food see the world with different eyes. A lot of my older friends tell me that I should spend more of my money.”

The album, to be released at the event on 13th, has his fans all over the world on pins and needles. “In places that have been ravaged by war and starvation, the falling Rain brings the sprouts of peace and love,” is the theme that was chosen to base the album around, explains the singer.

In August last year, Rain donated enough to have 50 wells built in Kampot, Cambodia. “It was such a small thing, but many people helped, so we had good results.” Recalling the Time 100 party last May, where the singer rubbed shoulders with some real big-timers, he says, “I was introduced with the phrase, ‘In North Korea there’s Kim Jong-il, in South Korea there’s Rain,’ and I was together with Condoleezza Rice and Jerry Bruckheimer, it was like a fantastic dream. I was infused with a new energy when I returned home.” Back in my days as a dancer, whenever things became overwhelming, I used to head up Mt. Namsan, he says, closing his eyes.

“Then I said to myself, ‘Someday every single one of those people down there will know my name.’ These days, when I think about the U.S., it brings back those memories. Now is only the beginning. Soon the day will come when everyone in the U.S., the home of pop music, will also recognize that Rain is the top star.”

Bi in Vietnam

A friend of mine went to Vietnam recently and took a picture Bi’s advertisement at the airport and sent it to me as a present. Haha, crazy girl! Thank you!

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Speaking of which, the teaser poster for Bi (Jung Ji Hoon)’s new movie is out!

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The teaser poster of director Park Chan Wook’s new movie Cyborg jiman gwenchanah (Cyborg but okay) was revealed with the two main cast, Lim Soo Jeong and Jeong Ji Hoon.

The photo shoot for the teaser poster took place on Jeong Ji Hoon’s birthday this past 25th of June. The poster features the main catchphrase ‘This Year’s Couple of Shinsegye Mental Hospital’ along with Lim Soo Jeong’s cunning smile and Jeong Ji Hoon proudly wearing a peculiar paper mask.

Cyborg jiman gwenchanah (Cyborg but okay) is a romantic comedy drawing the love story of a girl that believes she is a cyborg (played by Lim Soo Jeong) and a guy who says it doesn’t matter if she is a cyborg (played by Jeong Ji Hoon). The movie is scheduled to be released in early December.
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doozy: I’m definitely looking forward to this movie! The teaser poster looks oddly happy, but I guess it fits the movie since the movie takes place in a mental institution.