Daniel Henney Digs Into Own Life for New Movie

The movie My Father drew attention even before it started shooting because it stars the half-Korean heartthrob Daniel Henney. The film follows a Korean adopted by an American family who comes to Korea to seek out his biological parents, only to find that his father is on death row.

Henney plays James, who volunteers to join the U.S. Forces Korea as a way to find his biological parents. On the first day of shooting on Jan. 10, he successfully shed his gentlemanly image for his role as the young adopted man who slowly opens his heart to his jailed father. “I will try hard to use my personal experience of living in the U.S. to play James, who has lived his life feeling estranged as an adopted child,” Henney said.

My Father is the feature debut of director Hwang Dong-hyeuk, who attracted plaudits at home and abroad with his short film Miracle Mile starring Karl Yune. Kim Young-chol plays Henney’s father.
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doozy: Wow. Daniel Henney is busy these days, with one project after another. Good for him! I wonder if his acting and Korean have improved. Has anyone seen Seducing Mr. Robin?

Heartthrob Daniel Henney Confesses Early Sins

With short hair and jeans instead of a suit, Daniel Henney looks relaxed and approachable. The man who in just two dramas — My Name is Kim Sam-soon and Spring Waltz — captured the hearts of millions of Korean women is now promoting his first feature film, Seducing Mr. Robin, which is released on Dec.7. The Chosun Ilbo spoke to the 28-year old.

Don’t you think that you are playing on women’s fantasies a little too much? In this movie, your character is a Harvard graduate and CEO of a foreign company.

“It’s a misunderstanding. Having read the screenplay, I thought he was such an ass. Too cold and stubborn. Later in the movie, a little human touch is added to the character, but the part is different than my previous roles, which were more warm-hearted.”

Your fans praise your gentleness and sweetness, best represented in your smile.

“Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, everybody has two sides: good and bad. I showed my true self through Henry in My Name is Kim Sam-soon, but I showed only my good side.”

What kind of guy is the rest of you?

“When I played basketball in college, I used to be a greedy player. I only thought about winning. I didn’t go so far as to take steroids, but I went on a protein diet to build up muscle, and got all the way up to 220 pounds (around 110 kg). When I was a high school student, I threw eggs at school buses for no reason. I was the captain of my basketball team, but I ended up getting a seven-game suspension. It was a time when I was full of dissatisfaction and greed.”

Born in the U.S. state of Michigan, Henney dreamed of playing in the NBA when he was a boy. He was talented enough to be scouted to the University of Illinois at Chicago. But he says the talent others envied was not enough to reach the “top level,” and he was at odds with the team’s coach, whom he accuses of prejudice against him — the sole player with Asian heritage — so he finally changed his course. After that, he worked as a model and took acting classes, and debuted in My Name is Kim Sam-soon where he became widely known.

An uncomfortable question. You said the coach at UIC had a racial bias. But don’t you think that the fact that you are of mixed race worked in your favor in Korea?

“First of all, I don’t think that being of mixed race helped me get cast in Kim Sam-soon. Actually, I didn’t learn about biases in Korea until well after I became famous. I’ve realized that even among people of mixed race, there is ‘class.’ But what’s clear is that Korea, unlike in the U.S., isn’t a country where racism is shown openly, and the younger generation has a more open mind than the older generation. I’m fretting about what kind of help I can be.”

Would it be rude if I ask whether your activities in Korea are a springboard for something else, like Hollywood?

A springboard? No way. The only good thing about working in Hollywood would be the fact that my parents could see the movies I’m in more easily. Whether it’s Hollywood or Korea isn’t important to me. The script, and what kind of a project it is, are what I consider most important. This work isn’t a stepping stone — it’s my life.

What virtues must women have to seduce Daniel Henney, rather than Mr. Robin?

First of all, a non-enhanced natural beauty. And what I like the most is the natural sound of laughter. Age changes appearance and body shape, but the laughter is unchanged when they turn 90, and even when they sit in a wheelchair.

That is some smooth talk. But, how should I put this, it sounds like a canned response.

(Blushes) Well, of course I can’t ignore the impression and feeling that I get from a woman when I meet her first.

This is an English translation of an interview with Daniel Henney that appeared in the print version of the Chosun Ilbo.
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Source: english.chosun.com

doozy: Daniel Henney sshi, I’m definitely looking forward to watching your new movie and I don’t care about the storyline, whether it’s good or not, etc. because really, I probably won’t notice and be nitpicky since my attention will be focused on you. (Although, I do hope that it won’t be grossly terrible that even your presence can’t even keep my attention.)

On another note, Harry Potter would like his spectacles back. And also, your hairstylist’s not happy because you’ve missed another appoinment.

Eye Candy: Issue no.4

The Drool-worthy NamJa of Korean Entertainment

Daniel Henney smile

Looks: A(+)
Hmm, what can I say that isn’t obvious from one look at a picture of this man? When I first saw him on My Name is Kim Sam Soon “strutting” through the airport, my reaction was similar to that of the airport’s passerbys: dayum, that is one hot man! Born to an American father and Korean mother, Daniel Henney has that classic “Eurasian look.” He is, to me at least, the perfection that resulted when East and West join forces. (Am I being to dramatic? Heehee.) His face can pull off any looks successfully. His smile is adorable. His serious stare demands attention. His sad expression intrigues you. Blank face? Still handsome as ever. He also looks very attractive and intelligent with glasses. In addition, one other bonus factor is that he has the well-toned body and washboard abs to go with that gorgeous face. And, unlike the men in the previous “eye candy features,” he has a very “manly” aura about him. (Do you know what I’m talking about? Or am I the only weird one?)

Talent: B-/C+
Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Daniel Henney in the talent department. There are several reasons why. First, he has yet to master the Korean language. Although, he is constantly learning Korean, the language barrier still exists. Hence, in all the shows that I’ve seen of him thus far, his screen time was limited and he spoke primarily English. In addition to the language barrier, experience is also another factor that works against him because he is still quite new to the acting industry. However, from what he’s been displaying onscreen so far, I’d said he has potential. He also has plenty of charisma to spare. (More potential and charm than the person who he is usually compared to: Dennis O’neil, but more on that later.) He’s currently filming Seducing Mr. Perfect, so we’ll wait and see how he does in there.

Daniel Henney vs. Dennis O’neil
Who is Dennis O’neil? Dennis O’neil is another Eurasian actor that entered the Korean entertainment scene after Daniel Henney. His first drama was The Sweet Spy with talented Nam Sang Mi. Truth be told, I much prefer Daniel Henney than Dennis O’neal. In the acting department, the winner is obvious. It’s Daniel Henney, unless you consider expressionless face, voice, and awkward body movements acting. However, in the looks department, I’ll be fair and say that it depends on the eye of the beholder. Some may prefer Dennis over Daniel because they say he’s the better looking one. Well, no need to repeat how I feel as you probably have read the above section. Moreover, I think Dennis kind of looks like one of my friends. Thus, I feel that although he is an “eye candy,” he doesn’t have the star quality as he feels a bit “ordinary” to me.

By the way, I had a dream about Daniel Henney recently. In the dream, he and I were hanging out together like we were best buds. It was a very lovely dream! Heehee. Which led me to thinking, “what would I do and how would I react if I were to meet him in real life?” I would love to meet him since he’s one of the few Korean actors that I can communicate with because language is not a problem. And you know what, I think first, I’ll be shocked and somewhat disoriented. However, after those two seconds have past, I’ll be able to regain my composure and offer to shake his hands (with one hand while the other hand is dialing for my minions to come to the scene in a giant white van so that we can kidnap him..muahhahahah.j/k). Nah, I’m not that crazy and obsessed of a fan. I’ll probably just shake his hand, address him as “Mr. Henney,” say that I admire his work, and wish him much success. Man, I really hope that that day will come..Heehee.


Full name: Daniel Phillip Henney
Birthday: November 28, 1979
Height: 188cm; about 6’2
Weight: 72kg; about 158 lbs
Hobbies: playing guitar, basketball, traveling, and reading
Source: soompi thread


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Daniel Henney- From Model To National Heartthrob
By Park Chung-a
Staff Reporter (The Korea Times)

“I definitely want to keep Korea a part of my life, permanently.”

It’s official. Daniel Henney has reached heartthrob status in Korea. The latest proof is a 40-line poem going around the Internet in rapturous praise of the Korean-American actor and model.

“A perfect combination of East and West,” the author writes. “Clean-cut features, a perfect body and innocent smile/ Even my biggest foe English seems friendly when spoken through his beautiful lips/ I wonder what his mother did for prenatal care.”

What has brought on such words of devotion is Henney’s character in the wildly popular television drama My Lovely Samsoon. The MBC drama recorded a 41.7 percent viewership on Thursday, becoming the highest-rated soap opera this year, according to TNS Media Korea.

Henney plays Henry Kim, a doctor in the United States who treats Hee-jin, one of the main female characters, who is suffering from cancer. As Henry Kim speaks only English, his dialogue always comes with Korean subtitles.

However, the language barrier hasn’t stopped his fans from demanding he get a bigger role in the drama. His personal blog on Internet (www.cyworld.com/danhenney) gets more than 20,000 hits a day, crowded with his fans’ messages in English.

“Everything happened so quickly. It all happened in two-days time after the drama was aired. I just love it. I am really flattered,” Henney, 26, said during an interview last week in Chongdam-dong, Seoul.

Like his character in the drama, Henney comes from a multinational background. His mother is a Korean-American adoptee and his father British-American. Adopted before the age of 1, his mother speaks no Korean.

In the drama, it is implied that the mother of Henry Kim is also an adoptee.

“I just think that when you have an American person or someone who has a different cultural influence comes in it’s interesting for people to see,” Henney said. “Maybe I stand out because of it. Just the way I act in general, I think, is a bit different.”

Henney describes his character in the drama as “really nice and really kind.” “I think it’s refreshing for people to see that. It gives, especially for women, something to look at.”

In the drama Henry Kim is devoted to Hee-jin, played by Chung Yeo-won, even though she is in love with someone else. Instead of pressuring her to return his affections, Henry is always there to help her.

The actor said he could understand Henry’s actions. “It just depends how much you love someone. I definitely think it’s possible,” he said, adding that he himself was in a similar situation in the past.

Henney may be a newcomer to the Korean entertainment scene, but he is already a celebrity in other Asian countries. He has modeled in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan and has numerous fan clubs in those countries.

But before becoming a model, Henney said he was an introverted young man living in a small farming town in Michigan who loved basketball. His passion for the sport _ and his height _ led him to receive a basketball scholarship into the University of Illinois in Chicago. There, he received a degree in business communication and a minor in theater. “I used to be scared to speak in front of people so I decided to take communications as a major,” he said.

Henney’s modeling career started in the U.S. in the summer of 2002 by accident. An agent saw him in a parking lot, where he was in a car waiting for his friend to come out a model audition.

Since then he has been working as a model in the U.S. and various Asian countries and has participated in the Paris and Milan Fashion Collections. While modeling, Henney also studied acting at the Deena Levy Theater Studio, a renowned acting school in New York, where he also performed numerous off-Broadway plays.

After his debut in Korea last year with an advertisement for the men’s cosmetics line Odyssey, he made commercials with actress Jun Ji-hyun for Olympus digital cameras and with actress Kim Tae-hee for Klasse air conditioners.

Henney was at the airport on his way back to the U.S. when Kim Yoon-chol, the producer of My Lovely Samsoon, called him. “After getting an offer, I went to the U.S. and sent my videotape showing my acting performances,” he said.

According to Henney, the hardest part about the drama is the late nights. “There’s one scene that I had with Kim Sun-a (who plays the main character Kim Sam-soon) in which she was speaking in French to me. We shot that at 4 o’clock in the morning. The next morning we came back and finished the scene. It is hard because sometimes you shoot something 2 o’clock in the morning and the very next morning at 7 or 8 you have to continue the same scene,” he said.

But while the work is hard, Henney says it’s also a lot of fun, giving the shooting of one recent argument scene as an example. “Yeo-won as Hee-jin had to get really mad in the scene. So she was picking up Kleenex box and was throwing it.

“But the cover-on was made of metal. The first time she hit me directly in the stomach. It hit me so hard and bad. So I said ‘Huk, Jamkkanmanyo (Wait a moment)’ and I just fell out of the camera. And the next time she hit me in the arm. So the next time I took a box cover, you know the piece of metal, to protect my pants (and) to protect myself.” (Haha..poor guy!)

Henney has been in Korea for just a little more than three months, but he says he “strangely feels at home” here.

“Because of my language, English, I was building myself in America, working all over the world, because I did not know I had a chance here,” he said. “Korea was the last Asian country that I came to. I think it was meant to be that way. Honestly, I needed to feel everything else and I wasn’t necessarily happy with other countries and finally came to Korea. Good fit. My mother is really happy too.”

Although his mother can’t see the drama in the United States, Henney said he will send her DVDs.

“I am so proud that this is my heritage. It wouldn’t be the same if it was Japan or somewhere else,” he said. “I want to be true to both sides of my heritage. I definitely want to keep Korea a part of my life, permanently.”

After the drama, he plans to pursue movies in both Korea and America. He has currently pending auditions with American moviemakers.

“I want to break through. It’s so hard for Asian actors to break through fully. But we are slowly making a way and I think it’s time. I have to have the right support behind me. I would also like to keep working here. Korean people are so amazing. The products, the movies that they make are such good quality. I would love to be the part of it,” he said.

He also said he wished to break stereotypes about models-turned-actors by continuing to challenge himself.

“There’s a lot of typecasts when you’re a model, someone who is supposed to be good-looking or whatever. (People assume) you are not going to be able to act and think that you’re always going to play the lover, and I don’t want to do that. I want to play many different roles and prove that I can do it,” he said.

As for the song in praise of him, Henney couldn’t contain his amazement. “I saw it on the Internet too. I can’t believe that someone actually took the time to do it.”

Despite his basic Korean skills, he said that he had it translated for him to completely understand it.

“I can read Korean and understand it about 50 percent. But it’s really hard for me to speak and form sentences yet. Before I speak out, I like to make sure that I can do it properly, not to make a fool out of myself.” He added he spends most of his spare time studying Korean these days.

“Fans are so sweet. They run up to me and speak English to me. You know you don’t have to speak English to me cause I can understand Korean basically. It’s amazing that here in Korea, once they like someone, they are so dedicated to the person. And there are these people who write me and are just so enthusiastic about what I do. I am so thankful. I am just blown away by it. I would like to meet the girl who wrote the poem. I wish to meet everyone who write me if I could.”
Source: times.hankooki.com


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It’s the weekend so you know what that means: time to watch Rude Woman! After that, I’m probably going to work on “Eye Candy: Issue No.4.” In the meantime, here is some news that gives a big hint to who is going to be the focus of this issue.

Daniel Henney Stuns With Innate Language Skills

Pretty boy of the small screen Daniel Henney has become the hot topic among producers with his reported facility with languages. His roles in the TV drama My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Spring Waltz were of the gentlemanly type that melted the hearts of many young women, and in his new film Seducing Mr. Robin (directed by Kim Sang-woo), he speaks English, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Henney brings to life a Harvard Law School graduate who combines amazingly good looks with talent.

Henney, speaking English, is paired with Um Jung-hwa, who speaks Korean for a kind of global communication. Henney’s lines were originally translated from Korean into English and then the native English speaker fixed the script to make it sound natural. But he also showed a hitherto hidden skill when speaking Japanese. Although he has never studied the language, Henney is able to pull off an almost perfect dialogue in a scene where he is dealing with Japanese businessmen.

“When I heard Henney speak Japanese, I realized that he has an amazing skill for languages,” the executive producer says. “I hear that he made an MP3 recording and listened to it over and over again for practice.” The actor already has a fine command of German, which he showed off in “Spring Waltz” in the role of global manager Phillip. But what is more surprising than any of these is his Korean skill. He is almost completely comfortable with day-to-day Korean, and word is that Henney has no problems communicating with those on set. In the movie, the actor delivers a final flourish in what is a fiendishly difficult language for foreigners to learn.
Source: english.chosun.com