New Cast for Goong 2 Announced

Clockwise: Se7en, Huh Yi Jae, Kang Du, and Park Shin Hye

Singer Se7en (Choi Dong Wook), Huh Yi Jae, Kang Du, and Park Shin Hye are selected to lead the drama Palace 2 scheduled to be aired by MBC early next year.

Supporting cast including Kim Hye Ja, Yoon Yoo Sun, and Park Chan Hwan will once again collaborate in this drama. The filming is scheduled to begin in November.

In this drama, Se7en plays the role Lee Hoo who is a delightful and optimistic young man living a carefree life before he is suddenly informed that he will succeed the throne. Lee Hoo’s partner, who grew up with him since childhood, is played by HYJ. After the revelation of the fact of the royal family, she starts her cautious life in the palace. Kangdu plays the role Lee Joon who has been on the orthodox elite path and is a candidate to become the emperor. PSH plays the role Shin Se Ryung who is beautiful and has superior capability. Se Ryung is the only child of a noble family and is ambitious to become the empress. HYJ’s latest project was the movie Dirty Carnival and PSH’s previous drama was Tree of Heaven.
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How Hwang PD came about casting the 4 leads

Lee Ho- Se7en (Choi Dong Wook)’s guesting story

Hwang PD said that he saw se7en in a music video wearing heelys 4 years ago for the first time and thought he was really cute then. Although when the guesting of goong 2 came about, he had already thought se7en would match the character but coz he was too successful of a gasoo, it seemed like that he would not be able to fit in se7en’s schedule. But then they found out that Se7en’s side had some interest in it and so a meeting was arranged. Hwang PD says that not only is se7en’s image suitable, but his humble attitude left a big impression on him. When they were talking, he found out about the stories about the period before his debut and even though he’s young, because he’s had a 6 year period to mature, he thinks that se7en can do anything.

Se7en’s comment

I am nervous and anxious just like my debut 4 years ago as gasoo “Se7en”. Although the title of actor “Choi Dong wook” is still not familiar, my biggest weapon is that i’m hardworking, and I will give my all. Music, acting, I will not neglect either and will become a reborn (?) se7en with a new challenge. Please watch out for me.

Yang Soon Ae- Huh Lee Jae’s guesting story

Hwang PD says that Huh lee jae was no. 1 on the list of ppl who matched the image of the character. Before the audition, all the pictures of her were of her smiling. A clean and clear image and the innocence that a newcomer gives off is her most attractive point. Both se7en and Huh Lee Jae give off the same feeling- clear and clear feeling but like the waters of Sullaksan(mountain in Korea), clear and clean but cannot see how deep it is.

Huh Lee Jae’s comment

I had alot of fun watching Goong and i didnt know i would be this lucky to be able to join Goong 2. When i saw the role of Yang soon ae during the audition, i thought that the character was similar to me and although i was anticipating… i was really surprised and very happy. In order to live up to the director who believes in me and also for Goong 2 to receive lots of support, I will try my best.

Lee Joon- Kang Doo’s guesting story

Hwang PD: My links with Kang doo go way back. I saw him first when he was part of the duet “Jadu”, his image then became really different so I became curious and decided to use him for Han Bum drama. Kang Doo possesses the aura which is needed to express Lee Joon’s unique emotional world. He’s already been in the business for 5-6 years and before he debuted he was also in an underground band, so he definitely has the strength to be an actor.

Kang Doo’s comment

I am happy that i can start as an actor with Goong 2. I really thank director who is giving me a good chance to venture into something that even i dont know well myself. I hope everyone can watch out for me now not as Kang Doo but as “Lee Joon’/ I will try my best for the fans who have been waiting for Goong 2 so that u’s wont be disappointed.

Shin Sae Ryong- Park Shin Hye’s guesting story

Hwang PD says that the first time he met Park Shin Hye was at the set of Bichunmoo and then, Park Shin Hye was still in junior high. Despite her young age, the look she possessed in her eyes as an actor was clear and strong. Actually she was recommended for Goong part 1 as well but because she was too young, she would have had problems playing against the other leads. Meeting her after 1 year, she seemed to have matured. She is the one with the most acting experience in the 4 and therefore there are alot of expectations. The character Shin Sae Ryong is a person who is stuck between love and desire and is aggressive and difficult. Although she is young, she is one who has the conditions to turn into a shining star.

Park Shin Hye’s comment

“When i’m confronted with myself in TV, I’m still uncomfortable and shy. I will try my best for those who gave me this precious chance, not in order to become someone but with a genuine and true heart. I will meet everyone not as Park Shin Hye but as “Shin Sae Ryong.”
Source: Newsen
Translation by: Cecilia

doozy: When news broke that the main cast of Goong would not take part in the sequel, many fans were disappointed. But life goes on… This time, the sequel is titled Prince Hours as opposed to Princess Hours because instead of a regular, “average” girl entering the palace, Se7en will play the male-equivalent of Chae Gyung.

Appearance-wise, the original cast is more of eye-candy material than this one. Se7en as the prince? With that haircut, perhaps boy-next-door. But royal highness, hm… I don’t think so. And no, that is not Kim Tae Hui’s younger sister, although they do resemble each other. Who the heck is Kang Du? He looks so out-of-place in that picture. Kim Jung Hoon wins by a long stretch.

Talent-wise, regarding the new cast, I’ll keep my expectations low in case of disappointment. This time, again, we have another group of young-uns, with the exception of Park Shin Hye (If you haven’t seen Tree of Heaven, she was the young Choi Ji Woo in Stairway to Heaven) who are new to this thing called acting. From what I’ve seen of Park Shin Hye, she’s a decent young actor so no worries there. As for the rest of the new cast, let’s just simply hope that they’re not that bad.

I kind of feel bad for this new cast because there’s probably alot of pressure to live up to since Goong was so popular. We’ll wait and see how they do. Cross your fingers, everyone.

(It’s interesting that PSH is casted in this sequel because recently, she was in a photoshoot for a clothing catalog with Joo Ji Hoon who played Prince Lee Shin in Goong.)