The Strongest Romance

This blog entry is dedicated to Wookie’s new movie, The Strongest Romance. It premiered on January 25th!

Lee Dong Wook (Arang, My Girl)
Hyun Young (Bad Family, Fashion 70s)

Movie Trailer
Uploaded by: mandalaywith

Uploaded by: mandalaywith

That’s Lee Dong Wook and Hyun Young singing!

Happy Birthday!

Saeng il Chukhahamnida, Lee Dong Wook sshi!!!!!

May all your wishes come true! Wish you plenty of good health, happiness, and the best of success!
(Happy birthday to a dear friend of mine as well!)

Birthday party news

LDW is going to receive some kind of birthday award on the 5th. He’s going to get it personally from the his fan club, who invited him to appear. His schedule is busy with filming his movie, but he was touched by the warm response of his fans so he decided to go. His birthday is actually the 6th, but since it’s a weekday, the celebration is being held on the 5th. He hopes to enjoy his time spent with his fans, and he’s even prepared to sing a song for his fans at the event.
Special thanks to javabeans @ soompi for the news translation.

New pictures

Image source: Wookie’s forum @ soompi

doozy: Wah~ How I wish I am in Seoul, Korea right now so I can attend LDW’s birthday event and see him up close! Hmm… wonder if a certain special someone is going to attend this event similar to how he attended hers. Us mukgu-ers can dream, can’t we?

Lee Dong Wook and Hyun Young Lead the Movie The All-powerful Romance

Lee Dong Wook will costar with Hyun Young in the movie The All-powerful Romance. This romantic-comical movie portrays the love and confrontation between a detective and an off-the-wall woman. LDW plays a passionate detective who loves to catch criminals. The filming is scheduled to begin on 9/15. The director is Kim Jung Woo who just directed the movie Oh My God (2006).

doozy: Eesh… why does it have to be Hyun Young? I mean, I don’t hate her but I don’t like her, either. Oh well, I’ll just have to take what I can get. I’ll watch it to support Wookie.