Lee Dong Wook Update

According to the latest drama news, Lee Dong Wook will no longer be leading the upcoming SBS drama Bad Couple. Instead, Park Sang Min will take over the role. (I just read other news which state that PSM isn’t the actor who will replace LDW, but I’m not sure.)

Special thanks to yeohweping for the info


Although I didn’t know who the leading actress would be, I was looking forward to this drama because of LDW. Is he busy with filming new cfs or traveling to other countries for promotional activities? Apparently, I read from soompi.com that the reason LDW pulled out of the project was because the script/storyline of the drama doesn’t allow him much room and screen time to demonstrate his ability. I guess his management company tried to negotiate with the production company but they wouldn’t budge; hence, he’s not going to be working on Bad Couple.

Secondly, Dong Wook was involved in a “scandal” with Hyun Young (his co-star in The Strongest Romance) over something that he said jokingly when the cast and crew of the movie went out for drinks. A fellow Mukgu-er gave me the low down of said incident and really, what he said wasn’t that big of a deal; it just got blown way out of proportion. DW did apologized for his action, which again, I don’t think was that serious. However, he took responsibility for it and I admire him for that.

Dong Wook sshi, we hope you feel better soon! We will wait patiently for your next project.

Exciting News

Lee Dong Wook will be starring in a new drama, tentatively titled Bad Couple. The drama will air on SBS in June.

The second piece of news also has to do with the cast of a new drama. The drama is called Cain and Abel and the confirmed cast includes So Ji Sup, Ji Jin Hee, and Jung Ryeo Won. This will be SJS’s first drama upon his return from the army.

I love the male cast. However, I wish they would cast another leading actress. The thing is, I don’t have a problem with JRW, per say. It’s just… well, I’m indifferent towards her. I liked her in My Name is Kim Sam Soon but I guess I still haven’t gotten over her most recent work, which is Which Star Are You From?

Nonetheless, I’m very excited. Not just one or two, but three gorgeous men in new dramas?! Nice!

Special thanks to yeohweping for the news

LDW’s New Project

Lee Dong Wook has been selected as the lead for JS pictures new drama I love you.
The drama will be adapted from Kim Se Myung popular manhwa I love you which is about a thirty-something comic writer who marries a girl younger than him by 14 years when she gets pregnant. The production company plans to start filming in March when the female lead is selected.

The broadcast date and station are still unknown at the moment.

Credit to: yeohweping

doozy: Woot woot! LDH’s Hello! Miss in March and now, LDW is going to film a new drama?! I’m beyond excited.

It’s Official! They Are Together!

Nope, I’m not talking about BiKyo. I’m babbling about another favorite couple of mine. *Hint: the inspiration for this blog*

Well, is it really official? I’m not sure. Sorry to those who got excited due to bold title of this post.

Kirsten (pinklily @ soompi), who is a crazed Mukgu-er (and I used the word “crazed” with love), posted some very interesting screen captures of LDH and LDW together at the MNet award ceremony. Click here to see the caps and read her hilarious commentary on the event.

Here is the YouTube clip for your viewing pleasure.

They do look awfully close, don’t they? Hmm… something’s definitely going on there.

Here are lovely pictures of LDH for BC Cards

Tangerines, anyone, while enjoying the soccer game? (It’s a My Girl inside joke. Watch the show and you’ll understand.)

Images courtesy of Daum DaHae Market/baidu
Uploaded by: zoomjack @ soompi

Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae Together?

Heehee.. If only that were true..

Recently, LDW and LDH attended the Seoul Collection fashion show to show support for their good friend Jung Joon Ha, who was the MC at LDW’s fan meeting and LDH’s birthday party. They sat next to each other.

Special thanks to zoomjack, 1004dong, and incarnadine for posting the lovely pictures

Ah~ They’re very cute and look so compatible together!

Lee Dong Wook Birthday Party

A fan’s account of the party

The birthday party For Lee Dong Wook on 11/05/2006 was awesome!!!

I really enjoyed this year’s party more than last years, since it was only for a smaller audience.

MC for the party was one of Lee Dong Wook’s close friends, Jung Joon Ha.
Lee Dong Wook finally came on the stage, after KCM’s songs.
He looked really happy and pleased to see so many fans came to celebrate his birthday.

He also looked very comfortable with fans– he talked a lot with them.
The first game he did was called “Golden Bell” which asked the 15 fans who had been pre-selected and joined Lee Dong Wook on the stage questions until there was only one person left on the stage. Questions were like – what is the name of Lee Dong Wook’s character in My Girl, what is his shoe size, what is the name of his pet, when was the date of his debut, what was the name of his debut work, what was the name of his role in that work, how do you write his name in Chinese, and so on.
As you can see in the picture, Lee Dong Wook gave a stuffed animal to the winner, took a picture with her and gave a hug!!!

Next, Lee Dong Wook’s another close friend, Soo-Ho joined him on the stage.
Soo-Ho wanted and made everyone stand up, so they all stood up.
After this, we took a moment for a brief survey and questions!
First question was, “Can you kiss your date on the first date?” He said, “No, not on the first date.” We asked, “What about on the second date?” he answered, “If I feel more comfortable with her, and if it feels right, then that’s possible.”

Second question was, “What do you choose between love and friendship?” He said, “He’d choose love because love does not wait for you while friendship will always be there for you.”

Third question was, “If someone gives you a $20 million offer to pose for nude, would you do it?” He said, “Definitely not,” but he added jokingly “if it’s $100 million, I might consider it.”

Last question was, “What was your favorite character?” He listed, “5th – Carousel, 4th – Monday Kids M/V, 3rd – the Bride from Hanoi, 2nd – A-Rang, and 1st – My Girl.”

Next was the time for the birthday cake!! Lee Dong Wook typed all the things he wanted to say on keyboard so that he could share with everyone. However, since he couldn’t type well—probably he was too nervous, the MC was teasing him!!! After this, it was time to open the gifts. I personally didn’t really plan to bring any extravagant present, but on the way to the party, this brilliant idea—a box of So-Joo (Korean Sake) came into my head. I put our website URL on each bottle. Hyun-Young who is in the movie Choi-Kang Romance with Lee Dong Wook helped him opening the gifts. They were walking around the room and spotted the box of So-Joo!!! The MC said, “Is it really So-Joo?” trying to pick up the box. But he couldn’t lift it up, instead he said “It seems it’s really So-Joo.” Lee Dong Wook must have heard it and came to the box, starring at it for a long time before he went to another table to open more gifts.

He opened almost every gifts were on the stage, including those sent to him from China and Japan.

The MC had to leave after this—he does a variety of show programs in Korea. So it was just Lee Dong Wook all alone on the stage, saying thanks to all his fans. And all of sudden, he asked who brought the box of So-Joo (I don’t recall exact words, but it was something like “I appreciate for the So-Joo and want to know who gave me the So-Joo.” Unfortunately, I missed the right timing to raise my hand. sad.gif
He was so kind and friendly throughout the party. He answered all the questions that we asked.

Before it was over, he sang a song for us. He looked very attractive and handsome.
Someone asked him to shake everyone’s hand before we leave the room, but because there was another event scheduled—we had to empty the room quickly. He and his manager apologized for this un-granted (?) wish.

I’ve tried to be more detail and specific in writing this, especially for those who couldn’t attend the party. Please watch and enjoy the video clips from the party. Thank you.
Credits: leedongwook.com/leedongwook.net/baidu
Special thanks to said fan for sharing with us her experience and to ripgal (Jo) @ soompi for posting the info

Lee Da Hae’s gift

Since LDH didn’t attend Wookie’s birthday bash, fans were speculating whether she sent him a present or not. Well, speculate no more!

Posts by Korean Fans of Daum DongHae Suited Couple:

As there were a lot of presents in front that bouquet of flowers, Da Hae’s name was therefore hidden behind!
But then, you can feel the love of Miss Da Hae towards Dong Wook Oppa

Did Dong Wook oppa bring the flowers home? Did he keep it nicely in his room? It’s not easy to bring back such big bouquet of flowers..really wish that those flowers would never die..I guess Miss Da Hae’s love towards Dong Wook oppa is as huge as the flowers!

The ribbon says: Lee Da Hae =)

Credit: Daum DongHae Suited Couple, baidu
Special thanks to zoomjack @ soompi for sharing the news with us

doozy: Haha! Wookie wanted to know where the booze came from… He’s so funny. I’m glad that he had a good time at the party. Although, I had issues with his answer regarding the friendship/love question because it hit on one of my pet peeves; I hate when friends ditch you for their girlfriends/boyfriends. Nonetheless, Wookie’s still cool in my eyes.
Aw, and it’s nice of LDH to send him that beautiful bouquet of flowers! I wonder if the ribbon that is hidden behind the one with her name on it says “You’ll be blessed.” That would be hilarious. Kind of like an inside joke, the My Girl connection. Heehee. LDH is a sweetheart. It’s nice to know that they’re still friends after My Girl.

Happy Birthday!

Saeng il Chukhahamnida, Lee Dong Wook sshi!!!!!

May all your wishes come true! Wish you plenty of good health, happiness, and the best of success!
(Happy birthday to a dear friend of mine as well!)

Birthday party news

LDW is going to receive some kind of birthday award on the 5th. He’s going to get it personally from the his fan club, who invited him to appear. His schedule is busy with filming his movie, but he was touched by the warm response of his fans so he decided to go. His birthday is actually the 6th, but since it’s a weekday, the celebration is being held on the 5th. He hopes to enjoy his time spent with his fans, and he’s even prepared to sing a song for his fans at the event.
Special thanks to javabeans @ soompi for the news translation.

New pictures

Image source: Wookie’s forum @ soompi

doozy: Wah~ How I wish I am in Seoul, Korea right now so I can attend LDW’s birthday event and see him up close! Hmm… wonder if a certain special someone is going to attend this event similar to how he attended hers. Us mukgu-ers can dream, can’t we?


Baby Lee Dong Wook

I see some similarities, especially that adorable smile!

Lee Dong Wook at the Pusan Film Festival (new pics)

Woah there, Dong Wook sshi. Easy on the gel!

Although I don’t like the new haircut, he still looks handsome.
Special thanks to ripgal @ soompi for posting the pictures.