Gimme More Lies

Although objectively, Best Love is the better romcom, for some reason, I find myself rushing off to watch Lie to Me once the subtitles are available for the latest episodes. Perhaps, this means that my standard (not that I have much to begin with) for K-dramas is slipping. Or perhaps, I finally see the charm of this guy.

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Prepare for May Madness

Notice how the last couple of blog posts are not related to K-dramas? Yeah, I’ve been on a low K-drama diet because not a lot of items on the menu looked appetizing. I’m only watching two shows at the moment, 49 Days and Manny. 49 Days started off slow but gradually built up steam over the past few weeks and is now getting really good and juicy. In contrast, Manny had a delightful beginning but is now becoming predictable and repetitive. I’m sensing yawn-inducing territory up ahead.

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