Say What Now?

Perhaps my K-drama observation skill is slipping because I did not expect the plot development that presented itself in episode 16 of City Hunter. But before I get to that, here are my thoughts on some other stuff.

1. Yoon Sung’s mano-a-mano with Creepster
Me: The water bottle is the new spoon!

2. Yoon Sung requesting Nana to ignore him and forget him. And she complies.
Me: On the one hand, I like that Nana isn’t the clingy type. On the other hand, Nana and Yoon Sung… Break my heart, why don’t you? *tears*

3. Young Joo gate-crashing the dinner party of evil people.
Me: Man, sometimes I worry about this guy because his foolhardiness is gonna get him killed. (Oh wait, it already did.) But then, when he’s all up in the city hunter’s face, my concern switches to annoyance because I’m protective of Yoon Sung and am like, “Can’t you just leave him alone?”

4. Young Joo sneaking up on Yoon Sung while he’s safe-cracking at Jin Pyo’s.
Me: Does no one lock the house door around here anymore? *throws hands up in air*

As for the twist…

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City Hunter: Episodes 13-14

I’m caught up with the latest episode of City Hunter. The drama continues to be nail-bitingly good, which makes it hard to wait for the next episode because darn it, those cliffhangers always leave me wanting more, more, MORE! After finishing episode 14, I was thinking that maybe City Hunter is a drama that is best watched marathon-style rather than weekly episodes. But then, I thought about how I marathoned 9 episodes of this baby in one day and also the fact that I have very little self-control when it comes to K-dramas, if all 20 episodes with English subtitles were available, I might just watch the whole thing in one go. Sleep? What sleep?

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Jalgeum Quartet Reunion

I know I’m about two weeks behind on this news, but I only just saw this video clip of Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘s Jalgeum Quartet at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards and thought it too cute not to share.

But first, the cast of SKKS did very nicely at the award show, bagging a total of eight trophies. They include:

Top Excellence Award, Actor – Kim Kab Soo
Excellence Award (Mid-length Series), Actress – Park Min Young
Newcomer Award, Actor – Park Yoochun
Popularity Award, Actor – Song Joong Ki
Netizens’ Award, Actor – Park Yoochun
Netizens’ Award, Actress – Park Min Young
Best Couple Award – Park Min Young & Park Yoochun, Song Joong Ki & Yoo Ah In

(Award results courtesy of blue at Electric Ground)

Now onto adorableness!

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