Random Rant

I’m not feeling well at the moment. I think I got food poisoning or something along those lines. Note to self and those who are reading this: do not consume leftover pizza that is four days old, no matter how “normal” it looked or tasted. I repeat, do not! Trust me on this one.
I finally finished watching Save the Last Dance for Me after it has been taking space on my computer for months. I also finished The Snow Queen. So that’s a total of 36 hours of my life, mostly wasted on nothing more than eye candies. Surprisingly, I liked the former more than the latter even though it doesn’t have Hyun Bin. I’m not that shallow, you know. I can be objective too, sometimes.
I’m also done with Hwang Jin Yi and I loved it! One of the best dramas I’ve seen to date. I’ve been wanting to write a review of sort for the drama but it’s quite difficult coming up with right wording and organizing all my thoughts into one that’s coherent and detailed. I’ll try and see if I can get one together because I really want to get the word out on how great this show is. Highly recommended!
The premiere for Witch Amusement will be pushed back as Surgeon Bong Dal Hee will be extended to 18 episodes due to its high ratings.

I also read that the airing date for Time Between Dog and Wolf will be further delayed until September. Aish, really. Let this be the official date. Please, no more delays!
Thanks to this blog, my respect for Hollywood has changed dramatically. Not that Hollywood cares about what a little person like me thinks about them, but I’m writing this as a kind of “just so you know..” type thing.
I’m probably going to do episodic summaries and/or screencaps of Hello!Miss because this blog is, after all, “mukgu-fied.” March 19th is the premiere. It’s next Monday! Woot woot!


The Leading Actress of Queen of Snow Announced

Remember a while back I posted the news about Hyun Bin’s upcoming drama Queen of Snow? Recently, the production company announced who the leading actress would be. If you’re interested, read the news below for more details.

The production company “Yoon’s Color” announces that Sung Yoo Ri (25) and Hyun Bin (24) will lead the drama Queen of Snow scheduled to be aired by KBS2 around Christmas. This drama attracts attention because the PD is Lee Hyung Min who produced and directed the popular drama I’m Sorry, I Love You and the script writers are the duo Kim Eun Hee and Yoon Eun Kyung who wrote for Winter Love Song.

SYR plays the role Bo Ra who behaves arrogantly and cynically like an icy princess. She falls in love with her destined love Tae Woong (played by Hyun Bin) who lives in a third-class boxing gymnasium. The filming team just returned to Korea after the initial shooting in New Zealand. The PD Lee Hyung Min states, “Currently, the scenery in New Zealand is beautiful. I am amazed by Hyun Bin’s performance in his transformed role. I anticipate seeing what image SYR would present to TV viewers in this drama. I believe that it would be an unquestionably big surprise.” SYR’s previous drama was One Fine Day while HB’s was My Name is Kim Sam Soon.
Source: soompi.com

doozy: Like I’ve said before, I’ll watch this to support Hyun Bin. However, no comment on Sung Yoo Ri.

Hyun Bin, casted in KBS Noon Eui Yeo Wang (Queen of Snow)

Actor Hyun Bin has been casted to be the leading actor of the KBS 2TV drama series Noon Eui Yeo Wang (Queen of Snow)’ which is scheduled to air this coming November.

Noon Eui Yeo Wang (Queen of Snow) is a sad fairy-tale like love story about a genius boxer fighting against a terminal disease and a daughter of a wealthy family that meet and fill each other’s hearts. Hyun Bin has been casted for the role of the lead male character Han Tae Woong.

Tae Woong used to be labeled a boxing genius, but is now a high school drop-out that works as a sparring partner at a third-class boxing gym. Lackluster and without a dream, he one day meets a woman and feels destined love.

The drama has also gathered attention due to the participation of writers Kim Eun Hee and Yoon Eun Gyeong who were part of the team of Winter Sonata as well as the producer and director Lee Hyeong Min of I’m Sorry, I Love You.

Lee Hyeong Min commented as the reason for casting, “I thought Hyun Bin would be the perfect fit for the role of the ‘unfortunate genius’ Han Tae Woong who, while possessing pureness, must also be able to express childish rebelliousness. Through two characters that hold a twisted view of the world, the drama will tell a beautiful yet sad story that sets it apart from former trendy drama series.”
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Photos: cafe.daum.net

doozy: Hyun Bin filming a new drama?! Woot woot! No news yet of who the leading lady will be. Many fans are hoping for Hyun Bin to be paired with Song Hye Gyo in a drama, although it doesn’t necessarily have to be this one. Heck, there’s even an online petition for this coupling. However, I don’t think the chances of that happening are high for this drama as Song Hye Gyo is currently busy preparing for her movie. We’ll stay tune for news on the remaining cast members.

Once again, the storyline revolves around a main character whose remaining days are numbered and is trying to achieve a goal, similar to I’m Sorry, I Love You. Although I did not like Winter Sonata and I’m Sorry, I love You (despite its many praises) and the storyline here seems to be unoriginal, I’ll watching anything that Hyun Bin stars in. He’s a good actor and makes for lovely eye candy! Samshiki, bbashya!