Waterboys: Top 10 ROFL-astic Scenes

Because we all need laughter (and cute boys) in our lives. 😉

Note: Although Waterboys came out in 2001 (wowie, a decade ago?!), I guess there are still people who haven’t seen it or only watched it recently, like myself. So, for those who haven’t seen Waterboys, I would suggest that you not read this post yet because it might spoil the scenes for you and you’d likely not find it as humorous as I did if/when you do watch the movie.

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Buki + Speedo

Where do I sign up? Where?! ahahahaahah

*gets drool bucket ready*

Ever since I posted that droolicious picture of Tsumabuki Satoshi about a month ago, I’ve been missing him and wanting to watch him either in a Jmovie or Jdorama. The thing is, Buki’s filmography and dramography are miles long so I didn’t know where to start. And why I didn’t think to check out his classic movie, Waterboys, until now is beyond me. But! Like they say, better late than never.

Bonus: In addition to Buki, we also get Hiroshi Tamaki (also affectionately known as Chiaki senpai) parading around in a swim trunk. *cuteness overload*

I’m watching the movie right now and am posting this while the video loads. I’m about 20 minutes into the movie and have been laughing non-stop. The hilarity, it is endless. *big grin*

P.S. Special thanks to jicks for coining the “Buki” nickname for Tsumabuki Satoshi. It’s so fitting and cute. A kawaii endearment for a totally kawaii actor!