Drama Listing

An alphabetical listing of the dramas that I watched from start to finish.

49 Days
A Love to Kill
Alone in Love
Attic Cat
Bad Couple
Bad Family
Best Love
Boys Over Flowers
City Hunter
Coffee Prince
Conspiracy in the Court
Dal Ja’s Spring
Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang
Exhibition of Fireworks
Fantasy Couple
Fashion 70s
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
Full House
Goodbye Solo
Green Rose
Harvest Villa
Hwang Jin Yi
Hyunhaetan Marriage War
I Am Sam
I’m Sorry, I Love You
Joseon X-Files
Leslie Cheung is Dead (DramaCity Special)
Let’s Go to School, Sang-Doo!
Lie to Me
Jewel in the Palace
Man of Honor
Mr. Goodbye
My Girl
My Love Patzzi
My Name is Kim Sam Soon
One Fine Day
Personal Taste
Red Candy (DramaCity Special)
Romance Town
Rude Women
Running Gu
Save the Last Dance For Me
Secret Garden
Sungkyunkwan Scandal
Sunshine of Love
Super Rookie
Surgeon Bong Dal Hee
Sweet 18
Sweet Spy
Taereung National Village
Tamra the Island
The Scary One, The Ghost & I (DramaCity Special)
The Snow Queen
The Woman Who Still Wants to Mary
Tree with Deep Roots
Vampire Prosecutor
What’s Up, Fox?
Which Star Are You From?
Wish Upon a Star
Witch Amusement
Wonderful Life
You’re Beautiful

Atashinchi no Danshi
Kaseifu no Mita
Futatsu no Spica
Hana Yori Dango
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e
Hotaru no Hikari
Hotaru no Hikari 2
Kekkon Dekinai Otoko
Lunch Queen
Mr. Brain
Nobuta wo Produce
Nodame Cantabile
Orange Days
Ouran High School Host Club
Sunao ni Narenakute
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
Zenkai Girl

Chinese Dramas
Journey to the West (1986)

TW Dramas
Drunken to Love You
Sunny Happiness
Why Why Love

TVB Series
Too many to list…

7 thoughts on “Drama Listing

  1. Oh your Taiwanese list is not looking too well lol

    What did you think about Why Why Love? I think Mike He is cute as heck but his series never really do much for me ^^; (but he sure looks like he knows how to get his pashing action on xDD)

    • hahaha, my Taiwanese list is sad-looking, isn’t it? I’ve actually started a few of those popular Taiwanese shows (e.g., Hana Kimi, It Started With A Kiss, Fated to Love You, Devil Beside You) but always ended up dropping them after 1 or 2 episodes. Why Why Love was the only one that I finished. (Don’t ask me why because even I don’t even know why why I stuck with it to the frustrating, wth?! end *headdesk*) I checked out WWL for Rainy because I think I’m one of those few (?) people who find her cute, for the most part, rather than annoying despite the (over)acting/cutesy mannerisms. And in all fairness, WWL started out engaging even though the plot itself was nothing new and cliche-ridden. However, after episode 8 or so, I got tired of all the plot devices and the back-and-forth but I trudged on because I really wanted and hoped that the end would be worth it… but, it wasn’t. So yeah, that’s the long and short of how I feel about WWL.

      Re: Mike He
      He’s alright, but yes, he does know what he’s doing in that specialty.

      What about you?

      • Fated To Love You is one of my favourite series, ever! Joe Chen is probably one of my favourite Taiwanese actresses (if not, THE fave.) I was rooting for her character (whilst drooling over Ethan Ruan xDD) from start to finish ❤ Definitely recommended, sister~!

        It Started With A Kiss is awesome, the chemistry btwn Joe Cheng & Ariel Lin is right on the muuulah. I couldn't stand the sequel though, Ariel was all of a a sudden crazy-annoying, but I endured it because of Joe. Yeah I think he's pretty but I also can objectively say that he is a good actor.

        Steer clear of Devil Beside You lol Okay, so it's not "Pull your intestines out + let's cry tears of blood together " bad… but, well, I would've lived on fine having never watched it. I did find Rainie a lil too girly here. From what I've seen I like her when she's on variety shows & all & I think she is getting prettier & prettier over the years but otherwise, as an actress, she doesn't do too much for me.

    • Ooh, I read about Autumn’s Concerto from jicks’s blog and remember her mentioning the lovely cinematography and cute kid. There are so many good k-dramas airing at the moment, though. I think once this drama season slows down and I’m in the mood for something Taiwanese, I’ll check it out. Thanks!

    • Thanks for the recommendation! I haven’t seen The Fierce Wife but read that it was critically acclaimed and won a whole bunch of awards.

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