My Newest K-pop Craze No. 2

Bobby Kim

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usKorean name: Kim Do-kyun
Date of birth: January 12th, 1973
Physique: 176cm, 66kg
Hobbies: Baseball, drinking
(doozy: Drinking is one of his hobbies?! Drinking tea and fruit juice, right? Right..)

Bobby Kim debuted in 1994. Kim after a short stint as rapper and singer of Dr. Reggae, the first Korean reggae group, Kim went behind the scenes to write and produce songs for artists like Sechskies, Drunk Tiger and T in the late ’90s. It was only in 2001 that Kim returned to the stage as part of hip-hop trio Bugga Kingz with rappers GanD and Juvie. Though their first album was not a commercial success, it was recognized by fans and critics alike for its unique and stylish branding of hip-hop and soul. In 2004 Kim released the solo album, Beats Within My Soul, a critically acclaimed effort that earned him a Korean Music Award that year. Today Kim continues to perform with Bugga Kingz, who released their second album The Renaissance last year, as well as a solo artist. Bugga Kingz members as well as members of the Movement Crew, a group of hip hop artists that include Tiger JK of Drunken Tiger, Dynamic Duo, T and others, are expected to make guest appearances.
Source: KBS World Radio

“Let Me Say Goodbye”
Uploaded by: tumbles

“Falling In Love Again”
Uploaded by: bayerzky

I was first introduced to Bobby Kim’s music through the OST of Fashion 70s and thought, “Wow. What an interesting style and unique voice!” After listening to his recent album entitled Follow Your Soul, I am a fan. This 3rd album is terrific.

My Newest K-pop Craze

Real name: Kim Yong-joon
Year of birth: 12th Sept 1983
Education: Anyang Arts High School

David (Chae Dong-ha)
Date of birth: June 23rd, 1981
Physique: 182cm, 73kg
Hobbies: Camcorder recording, watching movies
Debut: “Nature” Chae Dong-ha’s 1st album released in 2002

Kim Jin-ho
Year of birth: 21st May 1986
Weight: 68 kg
Height: 176 cm
Education: Daewon High School

Whyme, David, and Jin-ho

Together, they are SG Wannabe. Three talented artists with amazing vocals.

SG Wannabe first attracted attention by debuting through a music video of their title song of the album, “Timeless.” The music video was a mega project with about 2 billion won of production costs and was starred by top movie stars like Seol Kyung-goo, Kim Yoon-jin, Kim Nam-jin and Kang Hye-jeong. Recording a pre-sales of 90 thousand copies, the male trio R&B band was a sensation even before their official debut. The sales of their debut album was on top of the charts along with super figures in the local pop music scene such as Seo Taiji, Shing Seung-hoon and Lee Soo-young. However, the actual members of the band did not appear on television or concert stages for quite a long time since their debut creating a mystic faceless image of the band.

Their debut song was first launched on a mobile telephone service along with the music video. The 3-edition music video also attracted many viewers by providing bonus clips like making of the film and NG materials.

Music producers Lee Kyung-seob and Park Keun-tae who are famous for producing music for Shin Seung-hoon, Cho Sung-mo, Lee Jeong-hyun, Sung Si-kyung and so on, were in charge of making the debut album for the newcomers. The title song of the album Timeless is an R&B ballad number. The sophisticated sounds and melodies of the song matched to the hear-rending sentiment of Korean music lovers rising to the top of the charts immediately after being introduced.

The male trio was awarded best newcomers’ prizes in the year-end awarding ceremonies.
Source: KBS World Radio
Special thanks to = Dee @ for the profiles.

Recent Performance on 2006 MBC Drama Awards Show (Their performance begins at the 2:15 mark.)
Uploaded by: kalel4ever

Performing “Nae Saram” On Inkigayo
Uploaded by: kdramakpopaddict

I love this song!

Romanization by: frostedsnow (
01. Naesaram – Partner for Life (from SG Wannabe Vol.3)

ne kasumsoge sanun saram naega kutorok agginun saram
nomu sojunghe maeumggot anabojido motetdon
nuguyegena hunhan haengbok hanbondo junjogi opsoso
mam nogo usobonjokdo opnun kudel saranghamnida
nega kibbulddena sulpulddena hamgge ulgo usojudon
kudel wihe nega hal su itnungon mwodun hejugo shippo

*annyoung nesarang kudeyo ijen nega jikyojulggeyo
motnan nal midgo chamgo kidaryojwoso gomawoyo
annyoung nesarang kudeyo yongwontorok saranghalggeyo
tashi teyonaso saranghandedo kudeigoshipo

oduwun pam girul iro? soro deungburi dweyojugo
bibaram morachyodo chigeum chabun duson nojimarayo
nega himdulddena apulddena ne kyote isojun kude
mianhadan mallo gomapdan marul teshin hadon nayotjyo

*annyoung nesarang kudeyo ijen nega jikyojulggeyo
motnan nal midgo chamgo kidaryojwoso gomawoyo
annyoung nesarang kudeyo yongwontorok saranghalggeyo
tashi teyonaso saranghandedo kudeigoshipo

nomojigo myot bonul tashi nomojinda hedo
kudeman itamyon tashi ironal su itnunde

annyoung nesarang kudeyo ijen nega jikyojulggeyo
motnan nal midgo chamgo kidaryojwoso gomawoyo
annyoung nesarang kudeyo iroge kudel burulddemyon
nomu hengbokeso nunmuri najyo saranghaeyo

nana nanana nanana nana nana nanananana
nana na nana nana nanananana nananana
nana nanana nanana nanana nana nananana
nana nananana nanana nana nananana

Translation by: Jungie (
01. My Person

You’re the person living in my heart
and the person that I’ve treasured so.
Because you were so special I couldn’t hold you
because I had never given anyone happiness before
I love you who’s never laughed at ease.

When I was happy or sad you cried and laughed with me
and I want to do anything I can for you.

Hello my love, my love I’ll protect you now.
Thank you for putting up with me and waiting for me.
Hello my love, my love I’ll love you forever.
When I’m born again I want you to be the one I love.

Let’s be a lamp to each when we’ve lost our way in the dark night. Even if the rain wind drives us back,
don’t let go of these two hands holding you now.
You were always by my side when I was worn and pained.
I had used “I’m sorry” in place of “thank you”.

Hello my love, my love I’ll protect you now.
Thank you for putting up with me and waiting for me.
Hello my love, my love I’ll love you forever.
When I’m born again I want you to be the one I love.

Even if I fall down and fall down again and again,
if I have you then I know I can stand back up again.

Hello my love, my love I’ll protect you now.
Thank you for putting up with me and waiting for me.
Hello my love, my love when I call you like this
I’m so happy I could cry, I love you.

Life After My Girl

I was doing a take-home quiz for my Sociology class and I thought, “gee, it’d be nice if I have a snack to munch on. Hm.. I’m kinda craving some sweet potatoes.” (Yes, that’s mostly all that I think about: food.)

Anyway, so how has my life changed after My Girl?

1. Ever since I watched My Girl, every now and then I’d get these random cravings for sweet potatoes and tangerines.

2. I’ve always had a liking for musical snow globes/water globes/waterballs/water domes/snow domes (or whatever it is that people are calling them these days…) but it wasn’t until My Girl that I actually started to collect them. And man, lemme tell you… that is one expensive hobby to pick up. And since I’m living life on a budget, expensive for me means anything costing more than 15 bucks. Thus far, I have purchased four of those things and sadly, none of them is THE ONE that inspired this hobby.
(I kinda curse Ebay for supporting my “madness” because the sheer excitement of winning a bid, like in a game, is quite addicting. Darn you, Ebay! *shake fist*)

3. I now like cute hair accessories and mismatched earrings.
(I wore one of my hair ties to work and my co-worker asked, “Did you take them from your little sister?” And I, in a dignified tone, said, “I don’t have a little sister. So no. They are my own.” And then proceeded to roll my eyes, flip my hair in her face, turn my back, and walk away. Haha. No, I didn’t do that. One, because she’s a good work friend of mine and two, can’t really flip my hair coz I wear a hat as part of the work uniform. Darn you, hat! *shake fist, again*)

4. There are new names that I can add to my “favorite actress” and “eye candy” lists. heart eyes

5. New word of the _____ (until whenever the My Girl effects wear off) is bbashya!
New phrase of the ______ is “You’ll be blessed!”

5. I now own a DVD burner. I bought it to burn My Girl on DVDs.

6. I started to use my Photoshop Elements more frequently and even stayed up until the wee hours of morning to make banners for…

7. …this blog that you’re looking at right now. wave

I have been mukgu-fied.

Btw, dear blog readers… How did you find your way here? I’m curious..

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Part 3

Looks: Lee Yeon Hee
Although LYH may not be what one would described as “traditionally beautiful,” her face is very unique and memorable. I especially love her eyes. They are very expressive and have alot of character.

Favorites: Moon Geun Young and Lee Yeon Hee
MGY is super adorable, not to mention talented as well. LYH is still green in the acting department so we’ll have to wait and see and I do see potential there.

Looks: Well, this batch is a bit different than the previous ones since comparing Go Ah Ra to Jung Da Bin is like comparing… oh, I can’t come up with an accurate analogy and I’m not gonna hurt myself by trying so just agree with me that it’s different.
I must say, though, Go Ah Ra is indeed beautiful.

Favorites: Lee Young Yoo and Jung Da Bin
Who doesn’t love Da Rim (Bad Family) and Shin Bi (Wonderful Life)?! Not only are they adorable, they can also act.
Btw, I do recommend Wonderful Life to those who haven’t seen it yet. It’s good. I like it.
Regarding Bad Family, you all should know how I feel about this show since I yap about its actress so much on this blog.

Special thanks to ~*kYo*~ @ soompi for compiling the pictures and posting them.
Note: These are my own opinions. If they don’t match with yours, then geez… I really don’t know what to say.

It’s RAINing Men…

Aish! I had just finished a post this post and proceeded to publish it when Blogger suddenly spazzed out. I couldn’t even save as draft. WHY, BLOGGER? WHY?! WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME? WEH? Ai caramba… *shake fist in air*
So anyway, here goes the whole thing one more time. Let’s see if I remember all of it.

I just finished watching the recent YSMM episode where Bi was on as a guest star. Watching this episode really “renews” my interest in all things Bi. I love his personality. He is funny and oh so cute! Hence, you see the new banner.
The episode is now available on YouTube with English subtitles (courtesy of Rxgoodleaf). Below are the first and second, out of seven parts, of the episode.

Part 1

Part 2

English subtitles by: Rxgoodleaf
Uploaded by: lyptika

The following are clips of Bi on tvNMad. The subtitles are very small so get ready to glue your eyes to the screen and squint really hard.

Part 1

I’ve listened to “I’m Coming” several times and I’m starting to like it!

Part 2

They’re showing Bi raunchy scenes from movies and television dramas but his heart rate is decreasing! His facial expressions are so funny. Haha! (FYI: The first clip is from the movie April Snow staring BYJ–I don’t know how to spell his name… hence, the abbreviations–and Son Ye Jin.)

Part 3

English subtitles by: tokki
Uploaded by: AznAngel29

Man, I need to crack open some Korean books and start taking Korean classes seriously so I can understand what they’re saying and prepare for my move to Seoul, Korea. I feel like I’m missing out! Heehee.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Part 2

Looks: Kim Tae Hui
After seeing so many pictures of KTH, her looks is starting to grow on me. Although when she stares, she still scares me, her smile is very sweet. In addition, I’ve read quite a number of good things about her real-life personality, so those make her even more beautiful.

Favorite: none

Looks: Jeon Ji Hyun
Great body and great hair! One of the few actresses, in my opinion, that can carry that long hair look with such elegance and sexiness. (Yes, sexiness. Have you seen her commercials?!)
I must say, though, that Sung Yuri looks super cute in the above picture. Also, out of the bunch, Jang Nara looks forever young.

Favorite: Jeon Ji Hyun
Hey, what more can I say? I like the “sassy girl.”
I also like Kim Eugene and Jung Ryeo Won for their personalities. I’ve seen them in interviews and heard from fans that they’re both very sweet and friendly in real-life, especially Eugene.

Looks: Song Hye Kyo
This was one difficult decision. I was torn between Son Ye Jin, Han Ga In, and Song Hye Kyo. All three are such gorgeous ladies. I don’t know who to choose!
Okay, fine. I’ll pick Song Hye Gyo. There! Stop harrassing me…ahhhh! (Oh all right, you can stop laughing and rolling your eyes now.)

Favorite: Son Ye Jin
In my opinion, she’s the better actress out of the bunch.
Although, if “favorite” means that I’ll watch anything that has that certain actress, then Song Hye Gyo would also count. Aza, aza, fighting y’all!

Looks: Kim Jung Hwa
I’m not familiar with neither of these two actresses. From the pictures above, KJH looks prettier.

Favorite: None

Looks: Nam Sang Mi
I love her smile and those dimples! She has a very sweet and genuine smile… the kind that can melt your heart. Well actually, several actresses in this batch have this quality, such as Lee Da Hae and Han Ji Hye. However, I like Nam Sang Mi the best.
Are you surprised that I didn’t pick Lee Da Hae? Well, it is the way it is. LDH was a close second, though.

Favorites: Nam Sang Mi and Lee Da Hae
It’s a tie. Can’t choose. Too much stress in my life already. Heehee.
Both are extremely likeable. They’re also talented actresses with lots of potential. And I have to give props to LDH for her crying skill. It seems like she can cry on cue and make it look so realistic. Amazing!
I’m also starting to like Yoon Eun Hye after watching Goong. She’s cute and very photogenic. Her photographs, for the most part, look great.

Special thanks to ~*kYo*~ @ soompi for compiling the pictures and posting them.
Note: These are my own opinions. If they don’t match with yours, then geez… I really don’t know what to say.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Part 1

Looks: Jang Seo Hee
Is this the same actress who was in Love Hymn and before that, Mermaid Girl? If it is her, then she looks quite young for her age. I was surprised to discover that she’s in her thirties.

Favorite: Lee Young Ae
I discovered Lee Young Ae only after watching Dae Jang Geum. After that, I searched for her previous works and saw her in the movie One Fine Spring Day. I didn’t really get this movie. Perhaps it was too deep and intellectual for my taste. I don’t know. I also watched LYA in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and was really surprised at her transformation as this came after Dae Jang Geum. She was very good in this movie.
LYA is also another actress who looks great for her age.

Looks: Song Yoon Ah
Some of you might say, “ah, why her? Why not Choi Ji Woo or Kim Sun Ah, etc.?” Well, I chose SYA because from what I’ve read about the other actresses on this list, she’s natural, plastic-free. I don’t know much about Kim Min. Has she had any professional alterations?

Favorite: Kim Sun Ah
I love her in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. She was great in that drama. I also checked out her previous works such as She’s On Duty and S Diary and like her in those movies as well. She can pull off comedy and drama. Very versatile.

Looks: Kim Hee Sun
I don’t like Kim Hee Sun. It pains me to put her name here but hey, I must be somewhat objective, right?!

Favorite: Kim Ha Neul
I like her in comedic roles such as those in My Tutor Friend with Kwon Sang Woo and Too Beautiful To Lie with Kand Dong Won. She’s cute, funny, and loads of charisma.
I’m currently watching 101st Proposal and I’m starting to like Park Sun Young. The picture in this list does not do her justice. She’s quite a pretty lady.

Looks: Kim Hyun Joo

Favorite: None
[Perhaps Kim Hyun Joo in here as well. She was hilarious in Miss Kim’s Million Dollar Quest.]

Looks: Lee Hyori
I haven’t watched much of her performance and am not really familiar with her music. I just know that she was a member of the popular music group FINKL. I’ve seen many of her pictures and have to say that she has one of the sweetest smiles.

Favorite: Lee Bo Young
I saw in Save the Last Dance for Me and she was annoying as hell, due to her character and over-the-top facial expressions. However, after finishing Mr. Goodbye, my impression of her changed. Now, she’s not that bad.
Ha Ji Won is cool too.

Special thanks to ~*kYo*~ @ soompi for compiling the pictures and posting them.
Note: These are my own opinions. If they don’t match with yours, then geez… I really don’t know what to say.

Rain (Bi) Vol. 4: Rain’s World *updated*

I’m gorgeous, I know. My body is a work of art!

Song List


Promotional MV

Uploaded by: msom2008

“I’m Coming” Live Performance on SBS

Uploaded by: hypergrl09

“Move On”

Uploaded by: nocturnaljj
Translations: ca0825 @ biwithrain (Japanese to Chinese) and Rayndrop (Chinese to English)
Subbed by: jay_jay

The Evolution of Bi

Vol. 1- “Bad Man”

What is the “bad man” trying to run away from? His captors, loan sharks, or simply… bad hair? None of the above. He is “running away from the sun”…

Vol. 2- “How to Escape from the Sun”

I love the guitar intro. This is one of my most favorite songs.

With the success of his two previous albums and a hit television drama (Full House), Bi’s popularity is soaring. He’s so famous that in order to avoid the lenses of paparazzi, he uses a big rig truck as a mode of transportation to his concert. He wears a long fur coat to represent his status, wealth, and spite for little furry animals. (Okay, perhaps no to the last one..) At his performance, people are chanting his name, “Rain, go Rain. It’s raining!”

Vol. 3- “It’s Raining”

Japan, are you ready? Here I come!

Special thanks to Lanice for uploading the MVs and subbing teams for the subtitles.

Weather forecast: Rain in the USA?

Rain is going to release his 5th album (World Wide version) in the 2nd half of 2007, mainly targeting at USA and the rest of the world.

According to Rain’s recent interview by Starnews, “5th album will be released next year as world wide version, as it’s part of the plan to enter USA market…” “Mini concerts will be held to release of new songs, and combined with World Wide…. The event(s) shall be organised in S. Korea and other countries…” Rain added, “The initial stage of brain-storming for 5th album was completed..” So let’s look forward to it.

Rain also mentioned that this album mainly includes English songs so that it can be simultaneously released in S. Korea and overseas markets. It is a totally different concept compared to License Album. “Like what I normally did in the past: Conceptualization for 4th album was done during the release of 3rd album… Therefore we have the ideas for next album after the release of 4th album.” said Rain.

Rain’s World was officially released on Oct 13, and created 100,000 copies of sales record in first day! The figure is still going up indeed. In the meantime, Rain began his publicity activities from MBC SHOW! Music Centre on Oct 14.
Source: Chosun & Starnews
Chi translation: irbi@BiwithRain
Up by mandy@rainhk
Eng translation: jjbug@rain-malaysia
Credit: nana555@Bi’s Kingdom (, khanakham, Kdrama, and heygingersnap @ Soompi

doozy: This new album concept of Bi being a some sort of supernatural god/superhero who is going to save the world from death and destruction is… a little over-the-top. And what is with this military theme? He’s trying to expand global, especially into the US music industry, but with the current political situation with the war and all, is this new image/concept going to help or hurt his goals?
Appearance-wise, he looks great! I like the new haircut and love the tanned, well-built body.
Music-wise, from the several songs that I’ve heard, it’s okay. I prefer “It’s Raining” over “I’m Coming.” Although “Move On” is a good song, I still like his previous albums more.
In any case, I wish him the best of success in his quest for “global domination!”

Ya Shim Man Man

Ya Shim Man Man is a Korean TV show where a question is asked and the guest has to give an answer that is in the Top 5 Answer of the previously surveyed audience. If the guest’s answer is not in the Top 5, then he/she gets blown by very strong air. (I’ve read that this actually hurts a bit.) The guests can discuss the question and work with each other to come up with the answer. The show gives the audience and fans an opportunity to get to know the celebrities a little better because they offer their opinions on certain topics and usually talk about their personal experiences about those topics. It’s a very funny and enjoyable show. The show is also insightful as it brings up topic about everyday life and makes you stop and think a little (or sometimes, alot). After discovering this wonderful gem, I really wish I understand more Korean.

The episode below is one of the few episodes that has English subtitles. The timing of the subtitles is a bit off but please bare with it and be patient as I believe it’s really worth your time! This episode is hilarious! I discovered it very late one night and stayed up until around 2 or 3 AM to finish watching it.

Guest actors: Bi (Rain), MC Mong, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Jeong Jin, and Han Ga In. The latter three actors were on the show together to help promote their movie Once Upon A Time In Highschool.

Since the show is about an hour long, there is a total of 10 clips.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Special thanks
Translation by: Rxgoodleaf
Uploaded by: Lanice

Bonus Clip
The benefits of having small (single eyelid) eyes.

Special thanks
Uploaded by: rain28heon

doozy: Hmm…I don’t like Bi’s opinion regarding the topic of girls who have friends that are boys. It sounded like he’s a little too possessive and jealous. I wonder if he still feels the same way as this was a few years ago. Do other girls really like this trait in guys? On another note, Kwon Sang Woo’s voice is lovely. For such a “macho” man, his voice is rather soft and soothing. Han Ga In is gorgeous as always.

Eye Candy: Issue no.4

The Drool-worthy NamJa of Korean Entertainment

Daniel Henney smile

Looks: A(+)
Hmm, what can I say that isn’t obvious from one look at a picture of this man? When I first saw him on My Name is Kim Sam Soon “strutting” through the airport, my reaction was similar to that of the airport’s passerbys: dayum, that is one hot man! Born to an American father and Korean mother, Daniel Henney has that classic “Eurasian look.” He is, to me at least, the perfection that resulted when East and West join forces. (Am I being to dramatic? Heehee.) His face can pull off any looks successfully. His smile is adorable. His serious stare demands attention. His sad expression intrigues you. Blank face? Still handsome as ever. He also looks very attractive and intelligent with glasses. In addition, one other bonus factor is that he has the well-toned body and washboard abs to go with that gorgeous face. And, unlike the men in the previous “eye candy features,” he has a very “manly” aura about him. (Do you know what I’m talking about? Or am I the only weird one?)

Talent: B-/C+
Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Daniel Henney in the talent department. There are several reasons why. First, he has yet to master the Korean language. Although, he is constantly learning Korean, the language barrier still exists. Hence, in all the shows that I’ve seen of him thus far, his screen time was limited and he spoke primarily English. In addition to the language barrier, experience is also another factor that works against him because he is still quite new to the acting industry. However, from what he’s been displaying onscreen so far, I’d said he has potential. He also has plenty of charisma to spare. (More potential and charm than the person who he is usually compared to: Dennis O’neil, but more on that later.) He’s currently filming Seducing Mr. Perfect, so we’ll wait and see how he does in there.

Daniel Henney vs. Dennis O’neil
Who is Dennis O’neil? Dennis O’neil is another Eurasian actor that entered the Korean entertainment scene after Daniel Henney. His first drama was The Sweet Spy with talented Nam Sang Mi. Truth be told, I much prefer Daniel Henney than Dennis O’neal. In the acting department, the winner is obvious. It’s Daniel Henney, unless you consider expressionless face, voice, and awkward body movements acting. However, in the looks department, I’ll be fair and say that it depends on the eye of the beholder. Some may prefer Dennis over Daniel because they say he’s the better looking one. Well, no need to repeat how I feel as you probably have read the above section. Moreover, I think Dennis kind of looks like one of my friends. Thus, I feel that although he is an “eye candy,” he doesn’t have the star quality as he feels a bit “ordinary” to me.

By the way, I had a dream about Daniel Henney recently. In the dream, he and I were hanging out together like we were best buds. It was a very lovely dream! Heehee. Which led me to thinking, “what would I do and how would I react if I were to meet him in real life?” I would love to meet him since he’s one of the few Korean actors that I can communicate with because language is not a problem. And you know what, I think first, I’ll be shocked and somewhat disoriented. However, after those two seconds have past, I’ll be able to regain my composure and offer to shake his hands (with one hand while the other hand is dialing for my minions to come to the scene in a giant white van so that we can kidnap him..muahhahahah.j/k). Nah, I’m not that crazy and obsessed of a fan. I’ll probably just shake his hand, address him as “Mr. Henney,” say that I admire his work, and wish him much success. Man, I really hope that that day will come..Heehee.


Full name: Daniel Phillip Henney
Birthday: November 28, 1979
Height: 188cm; about 6’2
Weight: 72kg; about 158 lbs
Hobbies: playing guitar, basketball, traveling, and reading
Source: soompi thread


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at
Image credit: various sources

Daniel Henney- From Model To National Heartthrob
By Park Chung-a
Staff Reporter (The Korea Times)

“I definitely want to keep Korea a part of my life, permanently.”

It’s official. Daniel Henney has reached heartthrob status in Korea. The latest proof is a 40-line poem going around the Internet in rapturous praise of the Korean-American actor and model.

“A perfect combination of East and West,” the author writes. “Clean-cut features, a perfect body and innocent smile/ Even my biggest foe English seems friendly when spoken through his beautiful lips/ I wonder what his mother did for prenatal care.”

What has brought on such words of devotion is Henney’s character in the wildly popular television drama My Lovely Samsoon. The MBC drama recorded a 41.7 percent viewership on Thursday, becoming the highest-rated soap opera this year, according to TNS Media Korea.

Henney plays Henry Kim, a doctor in the United States who treats Hee-jin, one of the main female characters, who is suffering from cancer. As Henry Kim speaks only English, his dialogue always comes with Korean subtitles.

However, the language barrier hasn’t stopped his fans from demanding he get a bigger role in the drama. His personal blog on Internet ( gets more than 20,000 hits a day, crowded with his fans’ messages in English.

“Everything happened so quickly. It all happened in two-days time after the drama was aired. I just love it. I am really flattered,” Henney, 26, said during an interview last week in Chongdam-dong, Seoul.

Like his character in the drama, Henney comes from a multinational background. His mother is a Korean-American adoptee and his father British-American. Adopted before the age of 1, his mother speaks no Korean.

In the drama, it is implied that the mother of Henry Kim is also an adoptee.

“I just think that when you have an American person or someone who has a different cultural influence comes in it’s interesting for people to see,” Henney said. “Maybe I stand out because of it. Just the way I act in general, I think, is a bit different.”

Henney describes his character in the drama as “really nice and really kind.” “I think it’s refreshing for people to see that. It gives, especially for women, something to look at.”

In the drama Henry Kim is devoted to Hee-jin, played by Chung Yeo-won, even though she is in love with someone else. Instead of pressuring her to return his affections, Henry is always there to help her.

The actor said he could understand Henry’s actions. “It just depends how much you love someone. I definitely think it’s possible,” he said, adding that he himself was in a similar situation in the past.

Henney may be a newcomer to the Korean entertainment scene, but he is already a celebrity in other Asian countries. He has modeled in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan and has numerous fan clubs in those countries.

But before becoming a model, Henney said he was an introverted young man living in a small farming town in Michigan who loved basketball. His passion for the sport _ and his height _ led him to receive a basketball scholarship into the University of Illinois in Chicago. There, he received a degree in business communication and a minor in theater. “I used to be scared to speak in front of people so I decided to take communications as a major,” he said.

Henney’s modeling career started in the U.S. in the summer of 2002 by accident. An agent saw him in a parking lot, where he was in a car waiting for his friend to come out a model audition.

Since then he has been working as a model in the U.S. and various Asian countries and has participated in the Paris and Milan Fashion Collections. While modeling, Henney also studied acting at the Deena Levy Theater Studio, a renowned acting school in New York, where he also performed numerous off-Broadway plays.

After his debut in Korea last year with an advertisement for the men’s cosmetics line Odyssey, he made commercials with actress Jun Ji-hyun for Olympus digital cameras and with actress Kim Tae-hee for Klasse air conditioners.

Henney was at the airport on his way back to the U.S. when Kim Yoon-chol, the producer of My Lovely Samsoon, called him. “After getting an offer, I went to the U.S. and sent my videotape showing my acting performances,” he said.

According to Henney, the hardest part about the drama is the late nights. “There’s one scene that I had with Kim Sun-a (who plays the main character Kim Sam-soon) in which she was speaking in French to me. We shot that at 4 o’clock in the morning. The next morning we came back and finished the scene. It is hard because sometimes you shoot something 2 o’clock in the morning and the very next morning at 7 or 8 you have to continue the same scene,” he said.

But while the work is hard, Henney says it’s also a lot of fun, giving the shooting of one recent argument scene as an example. “Yeo-won as Hee-jin had to get really mad in the scene. So she was picking up Kleenex box and was throwing it.

“But the cover-on was made of metal. The first time she hit me directly in the stomach. It hit me so hard and bad. So I said ‘Huk, Jamkkanmanyo (Wait a moment)’ and I just fell out of the camera. And the next time she hit me in the arm. So the next time I took a box cover, you know the piece of metal, to protect my pants (and) to protect myself.” (Haha..poor guy!)

Henney has been in Korea for just a little more than three months, but he says he “strangely feels at home” here.

“Because of my language, English, I was building myself in America, working all over the world, because I did not know I had a chance here,” he said. “Korea was the last Asian country that I came to. I think it was meant to be that way. Honestly, I needed to feel everything else and I wasn’t necessarily happy with other countries and finally came to Korea. Good fit. My mother is really happy too.”

Although his mother can’t see the drama in the United States, Henney said he will send her DVDs.

“I am so proud that this is my heritage. It wouldn’t be the same if it was Japan or somewhere else,” he said. “I want to be true to both sides of my heritage. I definitely want to keep Korea a part of my life, permanently.”

After the drama, he plans to pursue movies in both Korea and America. He has currently pending auditions with American moviemakers.

“I want to break through. It’s so hard for Asian actors to break through fully. But we are slowly making a way and I think it’s time. I have to have the right support behind me. I would also like to keep working here. Korean people are so amazing. The products, the movies that they make are such good quality. I would love to be the part of it,” he said.

He also said he wished to break stereotypes about models-turned-actors by continuing to challenge himself.

“There’s a lot of typecasts when you’re a model, someone who is supposed to be good-looking or whatever. (People assume) you are not going to be able to act and think that you’re always going to play the lover, and I don’t want to do that. I want to play many different roles and prove that I can do it,” he said.

As for the song in praise of him, Henney couldn’t contain his amazement. “I saw it on the Internet too. I can’t believe that someone actually took the time to do it.”

Despite his basic Korean skills, he said that he had it translated for him to completely understand it.

“I can read Korean and understand it about 50 percent. But it’s really hard for me to speak and form sentences yet. Before I speak out, I like to make sure that I can do it properly, not to make a fool out of myself.” He added he spends most of his spare time studying Korean these days.

“Fans are so sweet. They run up to me and speak English to me. You know you don’t have to speak English to me cause I can understand Korean basically. It’s amazing that here in Korea, once they like someone, they are so dedicated to the person. And there are these people who write me and are just so enthusiastic about what I do. I am so thankful. I am just blown away by it. I would like to meet the girl who wrote the poem. I wish to meet everyone who write me if I could.”