Annyeong, Oppa!

My baby Bi ain’t a baby no mo’ as he’s finally gone off to fulfill his military service. šŸ˜¦

Stay happy and healthy, Ji Hoon sshi. Don’t forget to take care of yourself and your choco abs. See you in 2 years!

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Son Ye Jin Fanmeeting 2011

My no. 1 favorite actress Son Ye Jin held a fanmeeting/birthday party with fans earlier this year and after watching a recording of the event, I just love this girl even more. Apparently, Son Ye Jin holds this event at the beginning of every year to celebrate her birthday with fans. She recently turned 30 this year, according to the Korean calculation. Her birthdate is on January 11, 1982.

I’ve been a fan of hers ever since I saw her excellent performance in Alone in Love and would always anticipate her new work with excitement. But would you believe it? I haven’t seen any in-depth interview with her so I only know her onscreen persona through watching her dramas but wasn’t familiar with what she’s like off screen. And what a joy it is to see that she’s such a lovely and delightful person. Now, obviously I don’t know her in real life so I’m open to the possibility that it might all be an act but the feeling that I get from watching the fanmeeting is that she seems to genuinely appreciate her fans’ support. And she’s utterly adorable and articulate! Seeing her looking so happy made me smile too.

Things that came to mind as I watched the video:

– I love the way her hair is styled. Simple elegance.

– Also love it whenever she takes off those ugly brown gloves. Not a fan of leather gloves, especially ones with fuzzies around the wrist area.

– I don’t exactly know why, but when I heard Lee Min Ho addresses SYJ as “Ye Jin noona”, I squeed. It’s just too cute.

– Also, I didn’t know that Moon Chae Won and Son Ye Jin are close friends and that both MCW and Lee Min Jung see SYJ as their role model. That’s cool. SYJ is an awesome choice for up-and-coming actresses.

– Out of all the gifts that were giving to fans, I was drooling over the DVDs package with her autograph on it. (I’m assuming that the DVDs are all of SYJ’s movies and dramas.) Oh yeah, a polaroid picture with SYJ would be awesome as well. But I’d probably pass on the let’s-have-SYJ-tie-my-scarf-for-me thing because with my social ineptness, it’d be too awkward.

– One minor grumble that I have about the fanmeeting, though, is how the MC of the event keeps plugging in Secret Garden references. I know that SYJ did a cameo for the show just recently, but still. It’s mildly annoying. Good on Moon Chae Won for choosing to sing Sweet Sorrow’s “I Am Still”, the love theme from Alone in Love instead of going with the MC’s song suggestion.

If you’re interested, you can watch it here.
(Special thanks to for uploading the video and providing English subtitles.)

Adieu… (updated)

to horrendous hairstyles? One can only hope.

I was doing my usual web surfing when I came across a video clip of Bi’s performance for his Adieu! 2010 concert. At a distance, the man looks like he still has what it takes to rock the stage and deliver an entertaining show. However, the up-close view puzzled me.

Dear Bi,

I just want you to know that ramen is supposed to be eaten, not worn on your head like a bad wig you… have a cute smile.


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Jalgeum Quartet Reunion

I know I’m about two weeks behind on this news, but I only just saw this video clip of Sungkyunkwan Scandal‘s Jalgeum Quartet at the 2010 KBS Drama Awards and thought it too cute not to share.

But first, the cast of SKKS did very nicely at the award show, bagging a total of eight trophies. They include:

Top Excellence Award, Actor – Kim Kab Soo
Excellence Award (Mid-length Series), Actress – Park Min Young
Newcomer Award, Actor – Park Yoochun
Popularity Award, Actor – Song Joong Ki
Netizensā€™ Award, Actor – Park Yoochun
Netizensā€™ Award, Actress – Park Min Young
Best Couple Award – Park Min Young & Park Yoochun, Song Joong Ki & Yoo Ah In

(Award results courtesy of blue at Electric Ground)

Now onto adorableness!

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Hotties Reunite

Eye candies Kwon Sang Woo and Song Seung Hun star in a new movie titled A Destiny. This marks their second (?) collaboration after the movie Make It Big. Watch a [cute] interview of the two men below, if you haven’t already seen it.

Special thanks to vicstorm2004 for uploading the clip.

The new film also features Ji Sung. Man, Park Han Byul is one lucky girl. If you’re interested, here’s the Soompi thread.

It’s Here!


What’s here? My highly anticipated drama Time Between Dog and Wolf. After the uncertainty of which network would air the drama and the changing of airing dates, it finally premiered on July 18th on MBC. At long last! However, with any high expectation, especially because of what happened with Witch Amusement, I’m a little worried that this drama is going to disappoint. Thankfully, though, initial reactions to the first and second episodes are generally good so my excitement is still going strong. I’m going to watch the first episode soon and hopefully, it’s good. Has anyone seen it yet? Do you like it?

Lee Dong Wook Update

According to the latest drama news, Lee Dong Wook will no longer be leading the upcoming SBS drama Bad Couple. Instead, Park Sang Min will take over the role. (I just read other news which state that PSM isn’t the actor who will replace LDW, but I’m not sure.)

Special thanks to yeohweping for the info


Although I didn’t know who the leading actress would be, I was looking forward to this drama because of LDW. Is he busy with filming new cfs or traveling to other countries for promotional activities? Apparently, I read from that the reason LDW pulled out of the project was because the script/storyline of the drama doesn’t allow him much room and screen time to demonstrate his ability. I guess his management company tried to negotiate with the production company but they wouldn’t budge; hence, he’s not going to be working on Bad Couple.

Secondly, Dong Wook was involved in a “scandal” with Hyun Young (his co-star in The Strongest Romance) over something that he said jokingly when the cast and crew of the movie went out for drinks. A fellow Mukgu-er gave me the low down of said incident and really, what he said wasn’t that big of a deal; it just got blown way out of proportion. DW did apologized for his action, which again, I don’t think was that serious. However, he took responsibility for it and I admire him for that.

Dong Wook sshi, we hope you feel better soon! We will wait patiently for your next project.

Lee Jun Ki’s New Look and Baeksang Awards Result

Front view


Side view


I love his new haircut! It really makes him look younger and less feminine.


Group picture of the 43rd Annual Baeksang Arts Awards Winners

Congratulations to Kim Myung Min (Best Leading Actor for White Tower), Son Ye Jin (Best Leading Actress for Alone in Love), Lee Bum Soo and Lee Jun Ki for the Popularity Award, and Jung Ji Hoon (Best New Actor for I’m A Cyborg, But It’s Okay)!

For more awards result, please visit Anne’s Blog.

Men of the Hour

So Ji Sub, whose popularity soared after starring in I’m Sorry, I Love You (MISA), is officially back from his army duty after two years! I bet his fans are ecstatic that the long wait is over.





Look at the number of people that came out to welcome him back!

To commemorate SJS’s big day, here’s one of my favorite OST songs.

MISA OST – “Snowflower” by Park Hyo Shin

Lee Jung Jin, who was in the drama Love Story in Harvard and the movie Once Upon A Time in High School, also returned from the army. However, in contrast, at his welcome back reception, one can almost hear crickets chirping in the background.


Kinda sad, if you ask me. But tis the reality of show business; some celebrities have more fans and are more popular while others aren’t. Although, I prefer SJS since he’s the more talented actor, I’m mentioning LJJ here as well just to give him a bit of attention because I feel bad for him.