Waterboys: Top 10 ROFL-astic Scenes

Because we all need laughter (and cute boys) in our lives. 😉

Note: Although Waterboys came out in 2001 (wowie, a decade ago?!), I guess there are still people who haven’t seen it or only watched it recently, like myself. So, for those who haven’t seen Waterboys, I would suggest that you not read this post yet because it might spoil the scenes for you and you’d likely not find it as humorous as I did if/when you do watch the movie.

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Buki + Speedo

Where do I sign up? Where?! ahahahaahah

*gets drool bucket ready*

Ever since I posted that droolicious picture of Tsumabuki Satoshi about a month ago, I’ve been missing him and wanting to watch him either in a Jmovie or Jdorama. The thing is, Buki’s filmography and dramography are miles long so I didn’t know where to start. And why I didn’t think to check out his classic movie, Waterboys, until now is beyond me. But! Like they say, better late than never.

Bonus: In addition to Buki, we also get Hiroshi Tamaki (also affectionately known as Chiaki senpai) parading around in a swim trunk. *cuteness overload*

I’m watching the movie right now and am posting this while the video loads. I’m about 20 minutes into the movie and have been laughing non-stop. The hilarity, it is endless. *big grin*

P.S. Special thanks to jicks for coining the “Buki” nickname for Tsumabuki Satoshi. It’s so fitting and cute. A kawaii endearment for a totally kawaii actor!

Hotties Reunite

Eye candies Kwon Sang Woo and Song Seung Hun star in a new movie titled A Destiny. This marks their second (?) collaboration after the movie Make It Big. Watch a [cute] interview of the two men below, if you haven’t already seen it.

Special thanks to vicstorm2004 for uploading the clip.

The new film also features Ji Sung. Man, Park Han Byul is one lucky girl. If you’re interested, here’s the Soompi thread.

Daniel Henney Digs Into Own Life for New Movie

The movie My Father drew attention even before it started shooting because it stars the half-Korean heartthrob Daniel Henney. The film follows a Korean adopted by an American family who comes to Korea to seek out his biological parents, only to find that his father is on death row.

Henney plays James, who volunteers to join the U.S. Forces Korea as a way to find his biological parents. On the first day of shooting on Jan. 10, he successfully shed his gentlemanly image for his role as the young adopted man who slowly opens his heart to his jailed father. “I will try hard to use my personal experience of living in the U.S. to play James, who has lived his life feeling estranged as an adopted child,” Henney said.

My Father is the feature debut of director Hwang Dong-hyeuk, who attracted plaudits at home and abroad with his short film Miracle Mile starring Karl Yune. Kim Young-chol plays Henney’s father.
(englishnews@chosun.com )
Source: english.chosun.com

doozy: Wow. Daniel Henney is busy these days, with one project after another. Good for him! I wonder if his acting and Korean have improved. Has anyone seen Seducing Mr. Robin?

The Restless Satisfies Eyes, Not Heart

By Kim Tae-jong
Staff Reporter (The Korea Times)

The new action fantasy epic The Restless (Chungchon) is visually enjoyable. State-of-the-art computer technology allows good-looking actors to live in a fantasy world, and there are spectacular action scenes.

But these elements fall flat because of the inadequate development of the story. Viewers will soon realize that the film satisfies their eyes but not their heart.

Directed by Cho Dong-oh, the film tells the story of a couple who are separated by death but meet again in “chungchon,” a place between earth and heaven where the souls of the dead stay for 49 days to erase their memories and prepare for reincarnation.

In the film, So-hwa (played by Kim Tae-hee) and her lover I-gwak (Jung Woo-sung) face a tragic fate. So-hwa is killed by villagers after being falsely accused of being a witch.

I-gwak believes her death is the result of his power to see ghosts, and his talent eventually leads him to join the royal guard of ghost hunters in the late Silla Kingdom.

The guards’ rebellion against a corrupt monarch fails, and all the members are killed except for I-gwak. While on the run, I-gwak is wounded, and he hides in a shabby temple, where he accidentally enters chungchon.

In the semi-heaven, he encounters So-hwa, who has become a goddess, but she doesn’t remember him. He finds out that the dead members of the royal guard are plotting to return to earth to change the rule of the world.

Now his former colleagues appear to be the biggest threat to So-hwa, and I-gwak decides to fight for her.

The storyline alone is enough to attract fantasy fans, and the visually superb rendition of the semi-heaven and action scenes have few technical flaws.

Rivers, mountains and temples are beautifully rendered. The scene in which I-gwak fights against some 30,000 ghost soldiers to save his lover is especially impressive.

But the story is not properly developed.

The long story, which probably needs more than three hours of running time, is cut down to one hour and 40 minutes. The result is that many important parts are missing or summarized in dry dialogue.

It’s hard to sympathize with the couple’s tragic love. It’s not easy to know how desperate the couple are to be with each other or why I-gwak wants to save So-hwa so badly. Or why the men in the guard can’t easily kill I-gwak.

All the explanation the film provides are the characters brief recollections and statements such as “I love her so badly” and “He was like my brother.”

The Restless was promoted as a film for the Christmas season, but watching it is like receiving brilliantly decorated gift box that is disappointingly empty.

Two and a half stars.
Source: times.hankooki.com

doozy: Ouch! This review is harsh. Regardless, I will still watch this movie when it’s available even though it’s probably more Korean Wave material than a solid, good movie. Eh, who cares? I like fluff stuff.

“Mr. Vengeance” Back for Romance

By Kim Tae-jong
Staff Reporter (The Korea Times)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAfter the completion of a trilogy on the theme of revenge, director Park Chan-wook has taken an unexpected turn _ toward romantic comedy. But his new film will be different from the ordinary sweet and cute romantic melodramas.

Park, who was once nicknamed “Mr. Vengeance” by New York Times Magazine, said that the film is not only to cool himself down, but also to try to experiment more boldly.

“This was originally something light between big movies,” Park said Friday during a news conference after the preview screening of his new film I Am a Cyborg, but That’s OK at CGV Yongsan multiplex theater in Seoul.

“But it doesn’t mean I was going to make it without doing my best or something. I just wanted to make it without feeling much pressure about commercial success, which I believed could allow me to do more experimental and bold things so that it could be a kind of movie in which a lot of people may not understand what’s going on,” Park said.

The film, which Park introduced as “a kind of romantic comedy,” is set in a mental institute, where a male patient and a female patient fall in love. The couple is played by two big stars _ Rain, who is one of the most popular singers in Asia, and Lim Soo-jung, who gained huge popularity throughout Asia with the television drama series Sorry, I Love You.

Rain plays Il-sun, who believes he can “steal” other people’s characteristics, and Lim’s character is Young-gyun, who thinks she is a cyborg.

The two stars’ huge popularity seems to be an advantage for the film, but Park said that they were an obstacle to his experimentation.

“When Rain and Lim were cast for the film, the planned experiments were screwed up,” Park said, laughing. “The two actors said that they didn’t understand the script, and I had to deceive them with sweet and kind words _ everything will be OK.

“But I started worrying about what would happen if the audience didn’t get it or got confused. So I tried to be kinder, to help the audience understand it better,” Park said.

Through the trilogy _ Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (2002), Old Boy (2003) and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005) _ he explored human nature and the complicated emotions related to hatred, revenge and atonement for sins.

In his new film, what does he want to tell?

“This is a love story between patients, not between a patient and a doctor. A doctor tries to cure a patient, but the patient just understands diseases that other patients have. Il-sun loves Young-gyun as she is, along with her illusion and fantasy. I think love is something that makes you love problems that your loved one has even though you can’t fix them,” Park said.
Source: The Korea Times

doozy: Park Chan Wook had to “dumb down” the script in order for the audience to understand the movie? That’s hilarious. I can’t say that I’m a fan of his previous works because I leave them feeling very disturbed. Or maybe I just don’t have a high enough IQ to understand what the hell it is that he was trying to portray. Nonetheless, like I’ve said before, I’ll definitely watch this movie to support that certain someone.

Vengeance trilogy director Park Chan-wook returns with romantic comedy starring Rain

From left to right: Park Chan Wook, Lim Soo Jung, and Rain (Bi)

By Kim Hyun
SEOUL, Nov. 9 (Yonhap) — Fresh from making hard-boiled thrillers, South Korea’s Park Chan-wook said Thursday that he wanted to deliver a romantic story that “smells like fruit” this time.

I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Okay, Park’s seventh feature, is to debut in theaters next month, basking in the heightened attention for its male lead, star singer and actor Rain (called Bi in Korean). Dubbed as “a kind of romantic comedy” by the director, the story of a young female mental patient who believes she is a cyborg and her male mate who chases after her marks the director’s return, far from the the Vengeance triology.

“Believe it or not, it’s true that this is the movie I made,” Park said in a press conference to announce the end of the producton.

“It was good that I could cast young actors. Somehow I wanted to return to my childish dream. I wanted to make a movie that is as fresh as them and that smells like fruit. An age 12-rated movie that I can watch with my daughter.”
Its female lead is Lim Soo-jung, who played a blameless heroine in the popular Korean television drama series, Sorry, I Love You, which aired last year in eight Asian countries, including China, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam.

“The mental patients all have their own unique universe. It could be nothing more than an illusion in the eye of normal people. But it is an indispensible one, the only and very realistic world to that person. So if they talk to each other about their own universe, wouldn’t that be a kind of what we call love?” he said in a Seoul hotel packed with hundreds of local and foreign journalists, where some scenes from the film were screened.

Making his screen debut with the established director, Rain said he saw the pristine state of humans from the wacky, disorderly mental hospital.

“I interpret this movie as a message of hope for the world. The patients in the hospital live with feelings of irritation and distance from the world, but I felt that they are very good natured and naive and more highly-focused than any normal people,” he said.

I’m a Cyborg, But That’s Okay is to be released nationwide on Dec. 7.
Source: Yonhap News
Special thanks to rubie @ soompi

Bi’s New Movie

Pictures from the press conference of I’m A Cyborg, But It’s Okay

Look at the size of that safety pin! Ji Hoon sshi, did you take it from my locker?

The movie premieres on December 7th. For more pictures from the event, go here.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2

Uploaded by: AznAngel29

doozy: I really look forward to seeing this movie and Bi’s performance. Hopefully, it won’t disappoint and will be well-received when it is shown in S. Korea.

Stars of Sad Movie Visit Japan for Promotion

Sad Movie

A group of Korean actors and actresses visited Japan on Monday to promote their movie Sad Movie scheduled to be released in the island country on Nov. 11.

The Japanese Sankei Sports Shimbun reported Tuesday that Jung Woo-sung, Cha Tae-hyun, Shin Min-ah, and Yeo Jin-gu had arrived at Haneda International Airport, where some 250 fans greeted them with loud cheers.

The Korean stars returned the welcome with smiles. Jung told the fans that he was so thankful to them for welcoming him every time, and Cha said that he would do his best to promote their movie.

The Japanese sports daily said that the omnibus movie consisting of four stories portrays love, sadness and memories in life by showing eight characters parting with their lovers and families.

Having attended the press conference on Tuesday, the four will appear at a premiere on Wednesday. Then they will give interviews with various media outlets before coming back home on Saturday.
Source: KBS Global