Romance Town: Episode 8

I dunno why but I keep thinking that Romance Town is a Monday-Tuesday drama, so when I was done with watching this episode on Monday, same thing with episode 6, I’d rushed off to download the next episode. I guess my insatiable craving for Romance Town overrides the little fact that the show airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Anyway, episode 8… Lots of happenings in this one, plus several laugh-out-loud moments and squee-worthy interactions. Except for the ending, I like this episode a lot.

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Romance Town: Episode 7

Granted, Romance Town might not be the best romcom ever written or even the most popular drama out of the May Madness batch. However, I adore its quirky vibe, unique setting and set of characters, and endearing heroine. But I still don’t feel like those qualities encompass entirely why it’s my favorite romcom at the moment. I guess rather than trying to analyze further why I like it, I’m just gonna say that it’s one of those shows that hits the right emotional spots for me.

Note: This is not really a recap of episode 7, but more like a captioned summary of sorts mixed in with random thoughts that came to mind while watching this episode. For detailed recaps of Romance Town, you can read them at Dramabeans, written by the lovely kaedejun.

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Romance Town: A Pleasant Surprise

Dear Romance Town,

I’m sorry for judging you on your uninspired title prematurely and putting you on the bottom of my list of May dramas to check out. You are so much more than what your name would suggest and have managed to charm your way into my heart with your wonderfully quirky personality. I love your adorable OTP because their relationship set-up is my favorite, the one where two strangers become friends first before blossoming into romantic partners.

I also love your heroine, who is lovable and spunky, not to mention incredibly pretty. I think I may have a small girlcrush on Soon Geum. And let’s not forget about your hero, who, despite not being attractive to me on a physical level, is endearing in his own way. I’m glad that I gave you a chance and cannot wait to get to know you better. Thanks for being so delightful!