Romance Town: Episode 7

Granted, Romance Town might not be the best romcom ever written or even the most popular drama out of the May Madness batch. However, I adore its quirky vibe, unique setting and set of characters, and endearing heroine. But I still don’t feel like those qualities encompass entirely why it’s my favorite romcom at the moment. I guess rather than trying to analyze further why I like it, I’m just gonna say that it’s one of those shows that hits the right emotional spots for me.

Note: This is not really a recap of episode 7, but more like a captioned summary of sorts mixed in with random thoughts that came to mind while watching this episode. For detailed recaps of Romance Town, you can read them at Dramabeans, written by the lovely kaedejun.

Hey, look! San got a new haircut! Bowl cut or not, he still wins 1st place for being the cutest kid on the block.

Soon Geum: I think I’m gonna hurl…
Gun Woo: *grits teeth* Don’t you dare. If you throw up on my pretty pastel blazer, I’m gonna throw you overboard.

Ooh, this looks like fun! Although realistically, it would probably stop being fun after several hours and no clams in basket.

This is why, sometimes, being yourself is a lot more comfortable than pretending to be someone that you’re not.

Yay, it’s Halmoni!
Oh, wait a minute… Why does she look manlier and younger?

Ah, this looks more like her.
Yay, it’s Halmoni!


Halmoni: Forget regular Go-Stop… Let’s play Strip Go-Stop!
Gun Woo: No wonder I like you so much, Halmoni.

I think the show is trying to tell me something here…

Wah? Sleep already?!
What happened to Strip Go-Stop?

Nothing really important here, just that I like sunrises and sunsets.

Gun Woo: Hmm… I wonder how that happened? In any case, good job, leg!

Gun Woo: *thinking* Ah, now that’s more like it. The closer the better…

Halmoni, where are you going?
*in Gun Woo’s voice* Halmoni!

I’m sorry, did I miss something here? When did the wife and mistress become (drama) Queens of the Maids?

Oh, crap…

But why did Gun Woo decide to open the closet in the first place? Oh, whatever. Just appreciate the fact that this charade doesn’t get dragged out for another episode.


My darling OTP…

The episode begins with you like this:

Being close together, Soon Geum confessing that she likes Gun Woo.

But then, it ends with you like this:

Being farther apart, the distance between Soon Geum and Gun Woo is now wider. They’re not sharing the same space anymore but are in different places, literally and emotionally, with Soon Geum in the booth and Gun Woo standing on the outside, Soon Geum wanting to be with Gun Woo while he’s disillusioned and tells her that his first love has ended.

Although I don’t agree completely with Soon Geum masquerading as Shi Ah to win Gun Woo’s affection, I can understand where she’s coming from. Soon Geum knows what she’s doing is not right, but then, when she sees how smitten and happy Gun Woo is when he’s with Shi Ah, the facade is positive reinforced and along with it she goes.

In an ideal situation, we’d all be ourselves in front of our crushes, they’ll like us for who we are, and then we’d hold hands and skip toward rainbows. But in reality, how many of us can actually, truly do that? Don’t we all inevitably become nervous, our confidence slowly slipping away and is replaced by doubt and fears? Thus, I can empathize with Soon Geum and do feel sad for her but I’m also glad that now that the cat’s out of the bag, our OTP can move on from here and develop a real, honest relationship.


2 thoughts on “Romance Town: Episode 7

  1. LOL. Nice screencap recap of episode 7, doozy. I know a few people have dropped RT because episodes 5-6, and parts of 7 were slow. But I thought it picked up in episode 8, which made up for the slow plot revelations in the previous episodes.

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