Micky Yoochun for High Cut Korea

OMG… !@#$%^&
That is all.
*drools buckets*

For more pics from the photoshoot, click here.
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Sexy Personified

I recently saw X-Men: First Class in theater and besides enjoying the movie immensely, I walked out of the theater in a state of bliss because I discovered the amazingness that is James McAvoy. It is about 1:00 in the morning where I am and instead of sleeping, I’m in Youtube-verse, watching interviews clips of this charismatic man.


I love how his brows furrowed when interviewed, as though he was focusing all his attention on listening to the interviewer’s questions.

Bromance! ♥

James McAvoy on The Late Late Show 1
“Would you like me to show you?”

James McAvoy on The Late Late Show 2
“So the make-up artist…”

I love watching his interviews with Craig Ferguson because they looked so comfortable around each other and could talk about anything under the sun. Perhaps it’s because they’re fellow Scotsmen.

(Special thanks to detailsdotcom, moviesireland, jeannewolfshollywood, EmmenezMoi, and 0mniscient for uploading the interview clips.)

So I guess it’s official… I’ve embarked on a McAvoyage and I don’t think I want it to end. His accent, talent, eloquence, and all-around awesomeness… *melts into goo*

The Best Thing About Best Love

He finds her slumped in front of her friend’s restaurant, drunk. He sits down with her and supports her head with his shoulder. He lifts his hand, which hovers above hers and I, as a viewer, expect for sure that he is going hold her hand, even if it’s just for a brief moment, even if she’s unaware of his presence. But instead, he goes and does something even more heartbreaking.

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Son Ye Jin Fanmeeting 2011

My no. 1 favorite actress Son Ye Jin held a fanmeeting/birthday party with fans earlier this year and after watching a recording of the event, I just love this girl even more. Apparently, Son Ye Jin holds this event at the beginning of every year to celebrate her birthday with fans. She recently turned 30 this year, according to the Korean calculation. Her birthdate is on January 11, 1982.

I’ve been a fan of hers ever since I saw her excellent performance in Alone in Love and would always anticipate her new work with excitement. But would you believe it? I haven’t seen any in-depth interview with her so I only know her onscreen persona through watching her dramas but wasn’t familiar with what she’s like off screen. And what a joy it is to see that she’s such a lovely and delightful person. Now, obviously I don’t know her in real life so I’m open to the possibility that it might all be an act but the feeling that I get from watching the fanmeeting is that she seems to genuinely appreciate her fans’ support. And she’s utterly adorable and articulate! Seeing her looking so happy made me smile too.

Things that came to mind as I watched the video:

– I love the way her hair is styled. Simple elegance.

– Also love it whenever she takes off those ugly brown gloves. Not a fan of leather gloves, especially ones with fuzzies around the wrist area.

– I don’t exactly know why, but when I heard Lee Min Ho addresses SYJ as “Ye Jin noona”, I squeed. It’s just too cute.

– Also, I didn’t know that Moon Chae Won and Son Ye Jin are close friends and that both MCW and Lee Min Jung see SYJ as their role model. That’s cool. SYJ is an awesome choice for up-and-coming actresses.

– Out of all the gifts that were giving to fans, I was drooling over the DVDs package with her autograph on it. (I’m assuming that the DVDs are all of SYJ’s movies and dramas.) Oh yeah, a polaroid picture with SYJ would be awesome as well. But I’d probably pass on the let’s-have-SYJ-tie-my-scarf-for-me thing because with my social ineptness, it’d be too awkward.

– One minor grumble that I have about the fanmeeting, though, is how the MC of the event keeps plugging in Secret Garden references. I know that SYJ did a cameo for the show just recently, but still. It’s mildly annoying. Good on Moon Chae Won for choosing to sing Sweet Sorrow’s “I Am Still”, the love theme from Alone in Love instead of going with the MC’s song suggestion.

If you’re interested, you can watch it here.
(Special thanks to viki.com for uploading the video and providing English subtitles.)

Two of My Favorite Girls

Lee Da Hae’s commercials

BC Card (new)

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BC Card (old)

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Kimchi Cooler 1

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Kimchi Cooler 2

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Nam Sang Mi’s commercials

Soju 1

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Soju 2

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Big Big World

I was listening to my music playlist today and the song Big Big World by Emilia came up. Any fans of TVB series remember this song? It was played throughout the popular drama Detective Investigation IV. The drama showcased one of the most compatible and memorable couples in TVB series: Jessica Hsuan and Louis Koo. Listening to the song brought back alot of good TVB memories from those days. It also made me think about how this kind of chemistry is lacking between co-stars in TVB series nowadays, which is partly the reason why I now watch more K-dramas than TVB series. My favorite couples from that “era” were Jessica & Louis and Flora Chan & Bowie Lam. Unfortunately, the chances of these actors pairing up again in TVB land is nil.

To download Big Big World by Emilia, click here. Let’s reminisce about those good times together!

My Girl: Favorite Moment

I love this K-drama!! My Girl replaces Full House and ties with My Name is Kim Sam Soon as my favorite dramas. I laughed so much while watching it. If I have time, I’ll do a pictorial summary of each episode. In the meantime, you can enjoy the clip below.

Special thanks to:
WITH S2 for providing English subtitles!
Kirsten (pinklilysilverstars) for uploading the clip with hardsubs!