Micky Yoochun for High Cut Korea

OMG… !@#$%^&
That is all.
*drools buckets*

For more pics from the photoshoot, click here.
(Special thanks to Lynaeina The Lime for sharing the pics and aidapark89 for uploading the clip.)

Lee Jun Ki’s New Look and Baeksang Awards Result

Front view


Side view


I love his new haircut! It really makes him look younger and less feminine.


Group picture of the 43rd Annual Baeksang Arts Awards Winners

Congratulations to Kim Myung Min (Best Leading Actor for White Tower), Son Ye Jin (Best Leading Actress for Alone in Love), Lee Bum Soo and Lee Jun Ki for the Popularity Award, and Jung Ji Hoon (Best New Actor for I’m A Cyborg, But It’s Okay)!

For more awards result, please visit Anne’s Blog.

So Pretty

Below are some screen caps from LDH’s vitamin cf. To view more, please click here.

Call me, Wookie oppa!

I love her smile. There’s a certain innocence and genuiness in it. Just look at the picture. She’s adorable, yet at the same time, gorgeous.
I’m looking forward to March 12, which is the premiere of LDH’s new drama, Hello! Miss.

Special thanks to pinklily @ soompi for providing these images.

It’s Official! They Are Together!

Nope, I’m not talking about BiKyo. I’m babbling about another favorite couple of mine. *Hint: the inspiration for this blog*

Well, is it really official? I’m not sure. Sorry to those who got excited due to bold title of this post.

Kirsten (pinklily @ soompi), who is a crazed Mukgu-er (and I used the word “crazed” with love), posted some very interesting screen captures of LDH and LDW together at the MNet award ceremony. Click here to see the caps and read her hilarious commentary on the event.

Here is the YouTube clip for your viewing pleasure.

They do look awfully close, don’t they? Hmm… something’s definitely going on there.

Here are lovely pictures of LDH for BC Cards

Tangerines, anyone, while enjoying the soccer game? (It’s a My Girl inside joke. Watch the show and you’ll understand.)

Images courtesy of Daum DaHae Market/baidu
Uploaded by: zoomjack @ soompi