Romance Town: Episode 8

I dunno why but I keep thinking that Romance Town is a Monday-Tuesday drama, so when I was done with watching this episode on Monday, same thing with episode 6, I’d rushed off to download the next episode. I guess my insatiable craving for Romance Town overrides the little fact that the show airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Anyway, episode 8… Lots of happenings in this one, plus several laugh-out-loud moments and squee-worthy interactions. Except for the ending, I like this episode a lot.

Soon Geum lets it all out and tells Gun Woo straight up that he’s partly at fault for valuing superficial things like looks and status and thereby indirectly encouraging her ruse as Shi Ah.

Ahh, I love Soon Geum’s frankness and spunk in this scene. You go, girl! Say your piece!

Well, her rant leads him to chase her to a dead-end alley way. Running out of options, let’s try this escape method. Sure, why not?

ahahhahah… Silly, Soon Geum.

A nice bonding moment between Soon Geum and Gun Woo where she admits her feelings and tells him the reasons why she likes him. And perhaps, Gun Woo is beginning to see Soon Geum in a different light. Hopefully…

Two points to make about the above screencap:

1) Why is Young Hee wearing glasses? And yellow ones, no less. If he’s trying to impress Soon Geum, he should’ve shopped at the Pil Joo eyeglasses store.

2) Young Hee officially asks out Soon Geum but she laughingly rejects him because in the world of Romance Town, masters and maids cannot date.

But wait, isn’t Gun Woo of the same status as Young Hee?

Something fishy is going on here…

That is one crafty thief. And the winning lottery ticket saga continues…

Noooooooo! Don’t take Soon Geum’s money! Don’t take it!

Not technically a real kiss, but in the context and urgency of the situation, it makes my heart all fluttery. Squeeeeeee!

“Please consider the patient’s feelings and don’t use this opportunity as an excuse for skinship.” ahahahaha

Wah…? This Shi Ah thing again?!

Bonus: Award of the Week

And the award for Master of Disguises goes to…

Thief #2 for his clever use of natural resources in an attempt to blend into the environment.

The runner-up prize goes to…

Although there were holes in Soo Jung’s disguise, she gets brownie points for effort because, at least, she tried while Hyun Joo didn’t even bother.


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